Advertising of burj al arabic in lebanon essay

Abstract: This paper talks about the advertising of Burj AlArab lodge in Syria. It contains a quick description in the hotel and his history. This describes about the tradition in China and how that affects the hotel. A SWOT analysis has been mentioned in the conventional paper to know regarding its scenario in Dubai. It also teaches you the competitor of Burj Al Arabic in China and the advertising audit shows that how the motel is positioned available in the market. It concludes by stating how Burj Al Arab can preserve and develop its guidelines to keep it top rated in competitive market of Dubai.

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BURJ ING ARAB ” The Arabian Tower in the Jumeirah Resort houses. With 321 meters, this is actually the worlds highest hotel, only 60 metres shorter compared to the Empire Condition Building. This all-suite motel stands 28 double-height storeys high and comprises 202 duplex rooms. Your copy to the motel may be established by one of the worlds largest fleets of Rolls Royce.

Reaching fresh heights of luxury and service levels, Burj Ing Arab provides a choice of a hunread forty two 1-Bedroom Luxurious Suites, 18 1-Bedroom Panoramic Suites, several 1-Bedroom Team Suites, 28 2-Bedroom Fits, six 3-Bedroom Suites, two Presidential Fits and two Royal Suites.

The finest materials have been completely sourced from around the globe to your luxury and comfort, approaching together in exclusively designed and hand crafted interiors. Every suites feature floor to ceiling house windows and are certainly equipped with the newest technology like interactive television (with a camera that views every visitors to the suite ” and you can give access to them without leaving the comfort of the bed or the armchair), all-purpose office gear, laptop computers and internet access(First class travel and leisure 2006)Dubai: -Dubai is the most populous and second largest emirate (in terms of size) in the federation after Abu Dhabi. Syria is distinct from other users of the UAE in that revenues from olive oil account for only 6% of its major domestic merchandise. A majority of the emirate’s revenues are through the Jebel Ali Free Region (JAFZ) [2] and now, increasingly, from travel.

Dubai is currently the second most significant developing town in the world following Shanghai. With enormous construction and advancement in various industries. Dubai has attracted universe attention through innovative realestate projects, sports events, meetings and guiness records. (Wikipedia 2006)SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS: -To understand marketing strategies, you have to know as much as possible about the marketplace place or environment where the property works. A situation analysis researches the properties current position in the industry and uncovers potential for you to promote the house. (Abbey1998, pp54-55)Cultural Influence: The cultural environment holds deeply influence on marketing patterns. Hotel sector needs to be very sensitive to social variation inside the environment and grasp opportunities for expanding.

For instance, In Dubai there may be 80 percent and also the who have assets, businesses and employments. Over 1100 staff members from 40 different ethnicities work in place to place of Burj AL Arab hotel. Therefore , they bring the diverse cultures from all different home countries such as made use of, values, and social actions, etc . You will see slight or perhaps severe varies between different guest organizations, product suppliers, and hotel employees. It is essential important for the managerial level to treat individuals with equal admiration and revere different ethnic norms. (sevenseashotels 2006).

SWOT Analysis: SWOT defines the specified output through the formal research which need to precede selecting the approach and the formulation of the plans to put into action it. (Baker 1998, p139)STRENGTHS: ¢The facilities of the building which is like a sail fishing boat which gives the guest a very fine and different encounter.

¢All the restaurant, pubs has a diverse outlook and are also very famous world wide. Ex: Al Mahara ” seafoods restaurant attainable by a 3 minute electronic submarine journey. Magnificent oblong aquarium obvious throughout the cafe.

Al Iwan ” sea view cafe. Finest Arabian hospitality with decor of dramatic rare metal, red and black¢Member with the leading accommodations of the world. (sevenseas hotels 2006)WEAKNESS: ¢Dubai is promoted like a tourist vacation spot but is far more of a industrial destination which have a great influence on the resort.

¢The strict climate and the culture of Dubai would not help the hotel to stay versatile.

¢The key economy of Dubai is based on oil and gas so the Dubai authorities does not stress on food and tourism sector.

POSSIBILITIES: ¢Dubai since slowly expanding as a business destination which will help the lodge to attract large amount of business travelers.

¢Dubai is usually pressurizing even more on building lots of theme recreational areas and athletics which can help the hotel to draw lot of international tourist.

THREATS: ¢Lot of recent entrants while Dubai is usually developing in one of the best commercial cities.

¢High prices with the accommodations which gives advantage to the other hotelsCOMPETITOR ANALYSIS: Because Dubai is one of the biggest developing commercial centers there is a lot of competition inside the hotels to draw the tourist. The details comparison intended for product differentiation Burj al arab and its particular competitors are as follows: Burj Al Arabic: world class duple suites-non cigarette smoking rooms-data ports-complimentary news paper-hair dryer-room service-spectacular views-bar-spa-jaccuzi-sauna-shopping center-private health and fitness facility-theropy rooms-Aerobic room-restraunt.

(Burj Ing Arab 2006)Sheraton Jumeira Beach Resort And Podiums: cabletv-hair dryer-child care-wake up service-see look at -spa-sauna-bar-shopping center-outdoor tennis-water sports-squash courts-golf training course.

(Star solid wood hotels 2006)Hyatt Regency Syria: Non smoking cigarettes rooms-cable Tv- complimentary reports papper-roomservice-child care-spa-sauna-bar-shopping center-fishing-tennis-restraunt.

(Regency hyatt 2006)Le Meridien Ganga Seyahi Hotel: Wheel chair-free news papper-child care-modem lines-room service-TV with cables-Hair dryer-Mini bar-outdoor pool-spa-tennis-fitness center-shops-restraunt.

(Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Resort 2006)PORTERS five FORCES APLICATIONS TO BURJ AL ARABRivalry Among Existing Firm: HIGHIt has a lot of competitor while above mentioned which have strong brands among the neighborhood and intercontinental travelers. To be able to leverage manufacturer equity, Burj Al Arab hotel must possess more expensive of services facilities more than its rivals.

Threat Of recent Entrants: HIGHBurj Al Arabic has got many loyal customers but a tiny mishandling in customers objectives may cause the loyal consumers to switch to a different property. Syria being a business developing town there are wide range of hotels being released in.

Bargaining Power Of Buyers: LOWMajority of the buyers always absorb the motel price. It has all package rooms which in all differs from the others from other accommodations so the persons which the resort target can be specific therefore the bargaining power of customer is less.

Bargaining Power Of Suppliers: LOW The hotel has to face a pressure from their suppliers; however the hotel can reduce it by partnering with travel firms or big market organizations purchasing large volume of items.

Threat Of substitute: LOWBeing a very high course property and having a wonderful brand name you will discover almost no risks to the fabulous property of Burj ‘s Arab.

PROMOTING AUDITS: A marketing audit is a systematic and thorough examination of a corporations marketing placement. (J. Baker1998, p237).

SETTING: In the case of BURJ AL ARABIC hotel Syria, due to superb occupancy level and high industries progress rate, this experienced the high industry growth and strong competitive advantage.

Burj A Arabic have a lot of competitor like Le Meridien Sayahi, Hyatt Regency Dubai, Sheraton Jumeira Seashore hotel Plus much more, Which have a solid brand status among neighborhood and worldwide travelers. To be able to leveragebrand fairness, Burj Al Arab lodge must possess better quality of service establishments above its competitors.

CONCLUSION: The above statement provides fine detail report in the marketplace analysis of Burj Al Arab in Dubai and reviewing the marketing strategies, effect of the culture on the lodge, its position in the market and its opponents.

The city of Dubai can be described as highly expanding commercial middle, with many fresh hotels creating recognized brands. In order to build a competitive advantage the hotel should keep and develop the following details: 1)To emphasise propagating the architectural magic and presently there unique collection rooms.

2)To continue implementing high quality of service.

3)To persist in high price and standards approach.

4)To showcase sports situations, and China shopping celebration.


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