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Antibiotic Resistance, Heart Disease, Tuberculosis, Pneumonia

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There are numerous blood testing used to discover HIV, that the most frequently used is enzyme immunoassay, of course, if the presence of antibodies is recognized, the blood can be further examined with the Western blot approach (AIDS). A test that measure the viral genes inside the blood can be has proven helpful in assessing treatment efficacy (AIDS). Although there is no treatment for HELPS, there are a number of medication available, including AZT, ddl, and 3TC which are change transcriptase inhibitors, and have shown to be effective in delaying the onset of symptoms in certain subsets of contaminated individuals (AIDS). Moreover, adding a protease inhibitor, including saquinovir, amprenavir, or atazanavir to AZT and 3TC has effective, however this mix does not eliminate the virus (AIDS). Another type of reverse transcriptase inhibitor, efavirenz must be taken with protease blockers or older forms of ASSISTS medicines (AIDS). Subsequent attacks may be cared for with a selection of antibiotics and antiviral drugs, and radiation treatment is often applied as treatment for malignancies (AIDS). In July 2006, the U. S. Fda approved a once-daily tablet for HIV, however these kinds of once or twice per day regimes, just like Ziagen, may be difficult for a few patients, leading to swollen glands, fever, itchiness, high cholesterol prices, and improved heart disease (Montagne). In December 2006, Pfizer announced it was establishing a multi-national Expanded Access Software to make the investigational CCR5 villain maraviroc open to HIV / AIDS people with CCR5-tropic HIV-1 with limited or any treatment options because of intolerance or perhaps resistance (Pfizer).

Attempts in prevention through teaching secure sex procedures, sexual disuse and the perils of needle sharing by drug users are often blocked by those who assume that such education leads to promiscuity and wrong behaviors (AIDS).

According to 2002 stats, some twenty-five million persons had died from AIDS, and another 42 mil people globally were infected with HIV, with a great majority being in Third World countries (AIDS). In the 1980’s HELPS was found mainly in homosexual and bisexual men, however at this point the majority of fresh HIV infections are seen in drug users who talk about needles, and among women intimate partners of drug users (AIDS).

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