Alamo and texas background the research

Mexican Wave, Archaeology, Armed forces History, Tennessee Williams

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Excerpt from Analysis Paper:

Alamo was a heroic have difficulties against difficult odds and it was a location where men had made the ultimate sacrifice for liberty and hence Alamo still continues to be a hallowed place and shrine of Texas freedom.

This battle provided a feeling of honor towards the Texas innovation. With the chain of events in 1836, its importance was that this delayed Santa claus Anna’s army in san Antonio, it enabled Sam Houston to assemble and make a larger army which was capable to defeat the Mexicans for san Jacinto win Texas independence a little while later which has been on The spring 21, 1836 where 800 Texans defeated Santa Anna’s Mexican push and they yelled “remember Alamo “as these people were staging all their attacks ( Hickman, 2006). This triumph ensured the success of the Texan independence. Intended for the Texans the fight of Alamo became synonymous with heroic level of resistance and a rallying weep in their have difficulties for self-reliance. Santa Ould – had been used prisoner and came to terms with Houston which ended the conflict. Mexican troops that were in San Antonio were bought to take away and destroy Alamos Fortifications on their departure. Texas was annexed in 1845 as well as for the years that followed the U. H. army quartered troops and in addition they stored materials at Alamo. Alamo was later purchased by the express of Arizona and real estate rights towards the surrounding place were also attained by Arizona. The fight of Aloma became one of the most celebrated armed forces engagement in the history if Texas. That very important in the history of The state of texas as it is seen as a devoted sacrifice which the people had taken that paved way for independence for Arizona. The challenge will still remain since an inspiring minute in the good Texas ( Hickman, 2006).

Back in the times Texas was part of South america and as a result of changes in the Mexican government, the Texans wanted to be self-employed from South america. English speaking settlers from your U. H.. A was arriving in Texas seeing that 1821 the moment Mexico gained independence coming from Spain. For a long time people was itching towards independence simply because were cared for as slaves and they had been longing for their freedom (Minster, 2004). And so the leaders like General Sam Houston were required to make that crucial decision to take part in the Battle pertaining to Alamo which in turn would cause the later independence of Texas. If this decision was not made then there is no improvements in the following wars and eventual self-reliance for Arizona. The Texans would have remained slaves a bit longer if the Alamo battle could hardly have taken place.


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