Alchemist by simply paolo coelho is dissertation

Fairy Tales, Fable, Science Fiction, Passionate Period

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From this sense, the story is subscribed to the science fiction type, without nevertheless being an genuine science hype novel. Generally terms, SF novels concentrate on “some imaginary time or perhaps place. In its original use in the twenties, science fictional referred to testimonies that came out in inexpensive, so-called pulp magazines, yet science fictional works now looks in all mass media, including movies, staged dramas, television programs, and game titles, as well as short stories and book-length works” (Scribd., d. d. ). Therefore , it is usually pointed out that there are several elements of technology fiction, whether or not these are not strictly related to films which were afterwards produced such as the Star Wars that was one of the important masterpieces of this kind.

The novel reflects aspects of supernatural throughout the characters this presents and also the situations by which Santiago undergoes. More exactly, the fact that he usually takes one of the first travels through the wasteland is relevant. The desert is normally associated with ghostly apparitions, a fantasy which often plays with the head of the man. Also, the desert is viewed as great challenge for a persons because the home for that pet are often very hard and take those resistance in the human being for the limit. This is interpreted, to be one challenge the main personality has to overcome.

Another factor that is crucial is the presence of the witch that foresees the future. Hence, when Santiago went to include his dreams interpreted, the witch called for part of his treasure if he finds it. This comes to mention not necessarily a material prize, as the treasure available was pretty much symbolic. The existence of the witch stands for a kind of symbolic guide to his treasure and to his voyage.

Another character that can be considered essential is that of Fatima, the beautiful female Santiago fulfills in the wilderness. This female can be linked to the typical apparitions that are at times seen in the desert because of heat and dehydration. The lady may symbolize the enticement Santiago is faced to deal in his pursuit of his dream. She represents an issue he prevails over in order to move forward. Such symbols are noticeable throughout the books especially that related to fairy tales or medieval knights in battle. They are trials knights need to pass to be able to prove their courage and determination to finalize the mission.

The book likewise presents a lot of life reports and teachings related to the way in which Santiago handles to find his way for the treasure, to himself. Even more precisely, you see, the title with the book is usually inspired by main aspect that manages to keep him focus on his path. In this sense, the alchemist, since understood in the traditional craftsman that transforms metals in to precious metals is known as a fine observant of the procedure for transformation. This individual observes the entire aspect with such details, that this individual eventually forgets everything else. The book emphasizes this matter as “the alchemists put in years in their laboratories, watching the fire that purified the metals. They will spent a whole lot time near to the fire that gradually they gave up the vanities worldwide. They learned that the refinement of the precious metals had resulted in a refinement of themselves” (Coelho, 1995). Thus, one of the most important aspects to be weary in mind is related to the commitment one should have in order to achieve his objective.

Finally, the novel likewise makes the interconnection between lifestyle and illusion through the many observations relevant to a fairy like associated with crystals, treasures, gypsies, beautiful women, sensible men. Each one of these aspects are certainly not often attained in a true world-based story.

Overall, it is usually concluded that Coelho’s novel should indeed be an important write-up of the 20th century. It combines the real world with the fantasy world. The elements that relate these two worlds determine in fact using the theme of the novel, regarding finding one self.


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