Alcohol and other drugs thoughts and opinions

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Medications and Alcohol Issues

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Make clear your thoughts and opinions on the legalization of dubious drugs. Do you believe that legalizing drugs is going to “increase” or perhaps “decrease” drug abuse?

I think that some illicit recreational medicines should be legalized simply because they cannot be distinguished via licit fun drugs just like alcohol and tobacco. Both tobacco and marijuana (for example) happen to be leafy plants that can be harvested and used to smoke to provide various physiological sensations that users enjoy. Liquor is a medicine that will the same that is certainly also connected with various types of problematic actions. Whatever the “right” approach is definitely, it may not be to permit consumption of one substance like cigarette to be marketed for revenue while subjecting consumers of another nearly identical element like pot to legal penalties. When it is appropriate to license the manufacture and tax the sale of smoking cigarettes, it is no less appropriate to do the same for marijuana. In the mean time, behavior associated with drug ingestion should be governed as behavior, just as in the distinction manufactured between alcohol consumption innocently and driving drunk or perpetrating other alcohol-fueled crimes.

We would expect how much drug “abuse” to remain regular because demand rather than legal status significantly influences consumption. In all likelihood, the illegal status of recreational drugs is not a significant deterrent with their use. Alcohol consumption remained comparatively consistent when Prohibition was implemented in 1920 and did not increase tremendously following its repeal a decade afterwards. The legal status of recreational drugs (and alcohol) merely decides who or perhaps what organizations will benefit from its sales. In my watch, it makes more feeling to regulate, duty, and restrict recreational medicines from minors than it does to perpetuate an expensive “war on drugs” that enhances the cost of legal justice, criminalizes benign manners, and produces a black marketplace.

2) What do you think may be the availability of drugs in high school? What drugs do you think happen to be regularly offered to high school students? Within your opinion, do you consider using medications in senior high school (even experimenting) can have long-term unfavorable affects on people?

Depending on the community, I think cigarettes, alcohol, and marijuana are normally the most offered drugs in lots of high universities. In some neighborhoods, methamphetamines are readily available. As far as the negative effects of experimenting with prescription drugs in secondary school, I think this will depend very much on the circumstances, though as a general rule, We would say it is probably not a good suggestion. Typically, medication use is one among many symptoms of other complications such as furor, rebellion, and delinquency. In those scenarios, drug use of any kind is a bad issue. Certainly, large drug make use of any kind is far more dangerous in adolescence because the brain can be not fully developed as well as the individual is definitely not yet fully mature mentally. Some of the head changes associated with regular drug use and a few of the behaviours and other tendencies associated with drug use could be harmful.

Nevertheless , I do think there are circumstances through which experimentation with certain pastime drugs, such as marijuana or alcohol, by simply high school students who are relatively well-adjusted but not responding to any impulse of rebellion or perhaps delinquency, might not necessarily always be harmful. Various people will not wait until they may be 21 just before they make an effort alcohol; and the most of them almost certainly never suffer any damage because of it. Other people commence drinking regularly in secondary school and become alcohol addiction drop-outs. In my opinion, the difference recieve more to do with anyone than with the decision to research.

3) Do you consider “addiction is actually a disease”? How come or really want to?

I believe that addiction is really a behavioral inclination (or some behavioral tendencies) that absolutely have inherited components. However, I do certainly not believe that dependency is a disease in the same sense since schizophrenia or multiple sclerosis. There are many factors in dependency. Some people can enjoy junk food, video games, alcohol, and (probably) marijuana without

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