Amish clash of cultures composition

The Amish guy in America – Clash of cultures Amish guy look like that they stepped out from the rural nineteenth Century. Some 200, 000 Amish people live in over 20 US states and in the Canadian location of Ontario and also in different parts of the world like Australia. The Amish are the most classic and religious Old Buy groups, persons ride race horses and strollers rather than automobiles and have not any telephones or electricity in their homes. Amish believe that the city is at the heart of their life and faith, and that the way to salvation is to live being a loving community apart from the community.

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Experience is a 1985 American thriller film described by Peter Weir and starring Harrison Ford and Kelly McGillis. The screenplay by Bill Kelley, Pamela Wallace, and Earl W. Wallace concentrates on a investigator protecting a new Amish son who turns into the target of the ruthless monster after this individual witnesses a murder in Philadelphia. The film is primarily about clashing of two ideologies.

These ideologies are the ones from the Amish, and of the ultra-modern English because the Amish guy ideals are in direct contrast towards the American consumerist ideas. Both the worlds come together when Publication drives Rachel to her daddy in Eli’s house.

There are many scenes that highlight the clash of cultures beginning with the initially scene through which Samuel and Rachel happen to be in their stock black Amish clothes, with the train station. They stand out simply because aren’t wearing bright garments like everybody else. Costume is a crucial film approach, as it shows the compare between Amish and the English. The costume is also very clear in the scene in wherever Book has on Amish clothing, which are Rachel’s dead partners clothes, and Book says, “How must i look? ” and Rachel responds by saying “You look plain”.

This is seen as a compliment, and her accepting him, as well him acknowledging the way of the Amish. The scene wherever book provides back the gun to Rachel after taking this from her shows the clash of the cultures and book looking to fit in with the Amish. This kind of scene is important since book is trying to accept the Amish guy culture. It is further displayed in the restaurant scene, in which Samuel and Rachel are wearing all their plain clothes, and carrying out grace in the city. Sam and Rachel stare in book when he eats his food devoid of saying elegance furthermore dr. murphy is the man thus he should say this.

Book is definitely not used to these types of morals and this shows the culture clash between them. The scene ends by Rachel saying elegance then eating their food. Another essential scene may be the scene in which Eli, Rachel, Samuel and in addition Book will be sitting on the dinner table in Amish area, Book picks up his cup of coffee takes a drink and says “honey that’s great coffee” they all eyes at him and he then says “it’s a joke.. in television”. He realizes that they don’t watch TV and right now there you can see the culture collide. The displays where the car is in the farm building shows the culture battle between the The english language and the Amish since they avoid the use of cars or any technology.

Likewise the part once Rachel is dancing with Book inside the barn since she is prohibited to move with unknown people or utilize the technology. An important scene is a tourist field in this Publication witness’s among the Amish persons getting picked on by the tourists in which this individual gets ice-cream put all more than his face. Eli who is sitting alongside Book in a different buggy then the different Amish says “this is usually not our way” Book replies “but it is my way”. Book gets out and beats up the visitor. This field demonstrates the clash of cultures.

The most important issue that highlights the clash of cultures is a relationship among Rachel Lapp and Steve Book. They are very different persons. Rachel will not accept the violence that now surrounds her because of the murder and Book, and your woman blames Publication, saying “I just dislike my boy spending all of this time having a man whom carries a weapon and goes around whacking people”. Their romance develops through the movie, and she is ripped between her feelings to get Book, who will be dangerous, and various to what she is used to, and her responsibility to the Amish rules, her family and the church.


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