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New Product Development

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The traditional way of new product creation (NPD) can be described to start and end with the buyer (Slack ou al., 2004). However , the focus on NPD has evolved over time, from having an internal firm view to external marketplace view.

The article entitled, Customer Support and new product advancement (Goffin New, 2001), usually takes us one step further in the approach to NPD. It talks about a study undertaken by the experts to understand the value of assessing the customer support requirements during new product creation (NPD) stage. They anxiety how important you should include customer support requirements at the outset of the design procedure, rather than at the conclusion.

The study was executed with the help of five companies, every single of which are in different industries, to identify how customer support is definitely evaluated by design stage and its importance in NPD. The outcomes show that customer support is extremely important in different markets with vastly distinct products. Many organisations use customer care not only as a means of getting competitive benefits but also to increase their particular revenues.

This seven important elements of customer service were discovered for the research:

Installationii. User-trainingiii. Documentationiv. Maintenance and Repair versus. Online Supportvi. Warrantyvii. Upgrades

The five companies which usually formed area of the study positioned varying amount of importance for the above components in the NPD process. This is certainly evident in the fact that not only are they manufacturing different products but are in totally different industries.

Although past studies were undertaken to assess the importance of customer support and NPD, no clear relationship could be proven between them. In addition , no methodology was developed to evaluate the requirements of customer support.

This was the first analyze to understand the relationship between customer care and NPD and how customer service requirements can be evaluated to create part of item design and development.

The following statement discusses the article (Goffin Fresh, 2001), regarding the current procedures in the field of NPD and customer support. In conclusion, the report examines how it includes helped in the advancement of theories in operations management.

Current Procedures in NPD

Introduction of new items is a considerable risk for companies, and inability to design and present new releases, or adjustment of existing ranges can result in a damage in competition and, sometimes eventual organization failure. An excellent product offers an organization to increase its cash flow. A simple yet typical design and style process to get a new product can be shown under in Number 2 . you beginning with identity of buyer or marketplace needs, that are transformed into product specification resulting in its development and design, and eventually their manufacture. When in production, the market need to continue to be examined, resulting in the circular iterations of long term redesign and developments (Forrester, 2004).

The record focuses on the, Design and Development, which usually consists of a number of stages and processes inside the NPD. Almost all products or services can be considered as having three aspects (Slack ainsi que al., 2004):

Concept: The set of expected benefits the fact that customer is usually buying.

Package: Including of part products and services that provide those benefits defined in the concept.

Process: Specifies the relationship among component services.

Companies around the world are trying to meet and exceed customers actual or perhaps anticipated objectives and needs (Slack et ‘s., 2004) in order to remain competitive in the market. Therefore, it is essential pertaining to companies to understand customers present and also long term needs. (Braham, J., 1996). The following handful of paragraphs go over the above three aspects of NPD in further more detail.


Once customers buy products or solutions, they are essentially purchasing a pair of expected rewards to meet the requirements and targets, which is referred to as concept of service or product. It includes not of the physical parts that they get, but the notion of the buyers, the organization as well as staff in terms of the benefits received from the goods and services (Slack et al., 2004).

For example , when buying a car, they may be purchasing a set of expected rewards which might consist of:

a stunning piece of equipment

that will supply the means of transportation

which is fast, flexible and reliable

over the long period of time

Many companies design and style their products or perhaps services with a view to provide this kind of set of anticipated benefits with their customers. These are generally evaluated at the beginning of the NPD stage in order to create the right package, which offers such benefits.

Goffin and Fresh (2001), claim that end-users of several types of goods, ranging from household appliance require customer support sooner or later assistance to clients to gain optimum advantage and value off their purchases. This is an important component of the package. Traditionally customer care requirements have had a very small impact throughout the design level of NPD, mainly because it not only needs allocation of additional resources nevertheless also gaps the time-to market of product kick off.

The item life-cycle contour highlights a large number of important problems. An important thought is the timely launch of recent products as the life of a product is by no means infinite. A companys capacity to develop products quickly can easily have the very best impact on enhancing market share. Resulting in the right item at the most fortunate time requires item strategy and positioning, retaining development emphasis, and close collaboration between engineers and marketers (Braham, 1996).

But before the corporation can begin to produce new products, they have to understand all their core proficiency and how this fits their corporate strategy. The company has to be able to identify what distinguishes their business product management, operational excellence, or consumer intimacy then capitalize onto it (Braham, 1996). This will help the business to exactly focus on the many elements of product design.

Goffin and New (2001) have determined the above aspect in their exploration by indicating that customer service requirement differs between not only industries nevertheless within diverse product classes. For example , a straightforward product like post-it notes requires almost no customer service (hence reducing the need to examine and assess its requirements during design stage). One the other side of the coin extreme are vending equipment, which require extensive support throughout the lifestyle of the merchandise.

The effectiveness of the article (Goffin and Fresh, 2001) lies in compiling some of the important rewards, which a business can gain in which includes customer support in NPD. Which include customer support in design level can affect the two competitiveness and revenues of your organization.


The composition of goods and companies usually termed as package, comprises of both main and helping products and services. Key goods or services are the fundamental to the package, whilst supporting services or goods enhance the key. Customer support falls in the area on this supporting services.

Considering that the product design influences the two amount of support required and the strategies which it really is delivered, considering the customer support requirements at the outset of the design stage will help in designing of those core and supporting product or service (Goffin and New, 2001). For example , decisions taken in the design level affect item reliability and consequently how often items require routine service and repair (Lele, 1986. ) In the same way a do it yourself approach to item design can easily reduce restoration and upgrade costs (Hedge and Kubat, 1989) For example , new models of portable personal computers feature flip design allowing for users to combine and match disk drives, CD-ROMs and further batteries (Stephen, 1996). Products that have been suitable for easy customer care have a powerful differentiating aspect in the market (Swink et ing., 1996)

The latest approach to component design truly does focus on these aspect of flip design, with a view to minimizing design difficulties. The three most frequent approaches while described by simply Slack ainsi que al. (2004) are standardization (restricting range eg. Regular sizes for clothes), commonality (using same components across a range of products and providers as in car industry) and modularisation (making sub-component products which can be employed in different ways just as university classes). This approach was drove the era pertaining to mass customisation of products and service, allowing customers to pick, order, and receive a specially configured product often selecting from amongst hundreds of product options to satisfy their certain needs (Bourke and Kempfer, 1999).

Superior items are more powerful than myself too items, as they give real and unique advantages to users. Innovation should be useful, and rapidly changing customer requires create possibilities for it (Braham, 1996). Continual innovation gives sustained performance. But commercialising invention is not merely about new product development you need to support individuals new products, (Shepard, 2001).

Customer support requirements do alter over the existence of a item, which can possess significant effects on long-term customer associations. However , Goffin and New (2001) give limited analysis of how the changes in these requirements can be accommodated in NPD.


This stage examines the processes in which the several components of a product or service are come up with. In the past, this kind of stage was delayed until the very end of the design and style process, leading to problems in production once quality and cost restrictions were not attained. Concurrent consideration of these limitations during the style stage helps to ensure that the products and services happen to be producable (Slack et approach., 2004).

An important thought that Goffin (1998) remarks in customer care requirement in NPD is a need to help to make comprehensive evaluation. This early on evaluation of product support at style stage have been termed as Design and style for Supportability (DFS-II). Hull and Cox (1994) claim that involvement engineers and after-sales group in customer support during the development stage can add considerable value by looking into making the equipment more maintenance friendly. However , limited research has recently been conducted on how this evaluation can be done during NPD.

Hence, Goffin and New (2001) investigated this want of evaluating customer support during NPD simply by researching within the followig concerns:

Key elements of customer support in several industries and their relation to qualities of common products

Need for customer support in simple or complex goods.

Strategies companies utilization in evaluating customer service during NPD.

A crucial result of their particular research was your classification of companies in 5 levels based on their education to which corporations evaluate customer care and how over time greater emphasis is place on this area (Goffin and Fresh, 2001). This really is summarized under:

Stage 1 Companies place little to no focus on customer support in product design and style. poor product designs leading to high maintenance and restore costs and dissatisfied customers.

Stage 2 Companies emphasise trustworthiness and fix times placing quantitative goals on them with no emphasis on wider aspects of customer service.

Stage 3 Broader aspects of customer care are incorporated into NPD by simply involving field engineers to cover installation times, upgrade occasions, fault medical diagnosis times, end user training instances, repair times/costs. However these types of take a long time to be included in the process

Level 4 Firms place quantitative goals about all areas of support during design stage and work with lifetime expense models. These types of goals press development designers to develop models that are less costly and better to support than previous items.

Stage 5 Monetary reporting components are used to assure return in DFS expenditure is obviously visible to management. Additionally , management groups recognise the importance of support and designate sufficient assets and emphasis to this place.

Goffin and Reports (2001) classification of companies creates a standard for those taking into consideration customer support during NPD. Corporations now have a basis to judge their progress.

There are some of important limitations with their research. 1st, it was limited to products my spouse and i. e right now there the case would not look at how customer support impacts service organizations and in type of services.

Second, the sample of companies studied for the study was little. The results show that each of the corporations place different degrees of importance to customer support and NPD. However , the results can not be conclusively turned out and more range of companies should be researched.

Finally, the research has a very limited scope with regards to geography and aspects of customer care. The effects of customer support requirement in NPD must be evaluated in global perspective. Since, consumers in different countries have varying degrees of customer support requirement and their dimensions vary, it will have substantial implications in NPD intended for companies operating on a global scale in producing a internationally optimal item.


Goffin and New (2001) provided the first empirical evidence how support is definitely evaluated during NPD in various industries. This showed that leading firms invest significant resources to make sure that products happen to be easy and economical to support. Prior studies demonstrated that businesses delayed the evaluation of customer support during NPD. Nevertheless , this examine revealed that the companies researched experienced evaluated customer care requirements through the design stage of NPD.

The research also has advanced operation supervision theory by suggesting strategies in evaluating customer support requirement during NPD. The participation of discipline engineers and after-sales support staff is vital in deciding the different importance of various areas of support. In addition , the research as well identified that companies employ customer support as a means to gain competitive advantage and increase profits.

The case opens up areas in for additional research. Research can be done in regards to service design and style and customer care. What elements of customer support are present and how they might be evaluated during new support development? In addition , a methodology pertaining to quantifying the key elements of customer care can be investigated to enable appropriate evaluation during NPD.

Finally, analysis needs to be executed in respect of economic gains achieved by companies considering customer support during NPD. The relationship that is available between revenues earned and costs sustained in the process.

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