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E-Clinical Works

Summary of the Institution/Organization

Corizon Wellness is the creator and leading provider of correctional health care in the United States. This can be a corporation made on a lot more than thirty-five a lot of novelty and proficiency in the healthcare industry to advance to the largest plus the most very important care service provider. The quest statement of Corizon Well being clearly sets out that it is a organization, which through the years, has set itself collectively on modernism and ability (Corizon Health Website, 2015). Its employees, practices and guarantee to accomplishment by using evidence-based medication empower that to regularly meet and surpass client prospects and outlooks. The core mission of Corizon Health is definitely centered on individual safety. Health management in correctional health-related facilities and prisons bring about quality defendent patient care in tandem with public safety, which are at the core of the business mission (Corizon Health Web page, 2015).

The key goals and objectives of Corizon Wellness are to provide consumer co-workers with high quality healthcare and return providers that will enhance the health and security of the sufferers, decrease backsliding and better the societies where all of us live in and operate coming from. Corizon Health’s organizational culture encompasses a focus on open interaction and integrity, accountability and collaboration. The objectives and goals provide the basis intended for the company’s company dedication to a culture of patient security. The company appreciates superiority in patient protection as a verse, rather than a focus on. The company is definitely keen always to strive to improve the quality of the healthcare it provides, ever careful of protection, efficiency and cost-effectiveness (Corizon Health Web page, 2015).

System Presently Applied

E-ClinicalWorks (eCW) has surfaced as a head in medical software solutions. E-CW’s newly designed digital health data software is best rated in client satisfaction and user friendliness. It enables healthcare companies the opportunity to provide the highest quality attention by placing the customers and employees 1st. The system can be purposed pertaining to locating and storing information within the service. Prior to ECW, Rikers Island was creating on paper. Consequently , when inmates left establishments, it was hard to locate their records. In addition , when they were re-arrested occasionally their older records could hardly be found. This kind of computer system helps with continuity of care. Additionally , the computer program can be reached for Bellvue Hospital penitentiary ward, and so if criminals are hospitalized, their medical records can be visualized. Among the challenges and drawbacks to the system presently being utilized is that it cannot be seen from the outside in personal computers, due to HIPPA. Consequently , the inference of this is the fact if one particular forgets to document or record data, he or she is forced to return to Rikers Island to have it. The adverse impact of this is the fact, first off, that wastes some resources heading back and forth to the center. In addition , this can cause critical consequences like a patient in critical state might be required to wait for treatment, owing to the lack of accessibility to affected person information.

One of many aspects of the device that works well is the relieve in which the users can engage with data and their patients. The eClinicalWorks personal computer provides a secure communication hyperlink between the nurses, MDs and patients, and facilitates the administration of the well being of the sufferers, bringing about individual satisfaction. For example, they are able to evaluate and examine personal well being records (PHR), assess lab results, make requests intended for replenishments of approved medications, make request referrals, and also place nutritional changes or perhaps important affected person information.

Section 2: Basic Needs Evaluation

Identify and Describe Users

There are numerous users of the EClinical Works personal computer in the dotacion of amounts at Rikers Island Correctional Facility. Here i will discuss a list of you outlining all their elements.


There is must make sure that the correct diets get to the correct patients. As an example, if a certain drug is usually prescribed for the patient and certain meals are forbidden, the system permits the companies of dishes to ascertain the dietary procedures and make sure the right meal is given. In addition , as an example, if the individual is to go through surgery and it is not designed to have virtually any meals, this kind of ensures that zero kind of mix up or perhaps error takes place. The same circumstance applies for post-operative weight loss plans. This also applies to inmates who are allergic to certain meals. The system facilitates the knowledge of which will inmates will not eat certain meals.


The nursing staff are some of the super users of the personal computer. To start with, each uses the system pertaining to medicine administration to the different patients. As an example, if a sufferer is to be implemented medication thrice a day, this sort of information is usually entered into the device for the nurses’ work with. Secondly, the nurses use the system to update virtually any medical info and information of the inmates. It is very important to point out the medical history from the inmates pertaining to future medical treatment needs. In addition , the eCW system supplies the nurses with valid gain access to through the sole tap of any secure credit card. The benefit of this really is that it does away with the need to enter in all the brands and security passwords. For rns, this implies that they can get to spend less time on the pc and spend more time actually rendering nursing proper care. This is in tandem with the quest of Corizon Health, to boost and guarantee both equally patient and employee pleasure. This, in turn, greatly leads to patient protection and better health care effects.


The medical doctors need to administer proper care to several diverse inmates from the Rikers Isle Correctional Facility. The needs basis of the computer system involves different aspects. To start with, the doctors are able to effectively record medical details of the inmates to ensure the correct and proper medical diagnosis is made plus the right treatment is given. More so, the system allows the doctors to share sufferer data with the nurses and also with the center in general. The doctors can search and retrieve sufferer records. More so, taking into account a healthcare facility is not even close to the facility, the doctor is able to provide a take note for medicine without having to continuously write remarks. The use of the ECW system and standardized buy sets aid in doing away with handwriting inaccuracies that could, at the end of day, bring about adverse patient events.

A static correction Officers:

Correctional officers are only users of information from the system, but are usually the people who enter data into the system or monitor the data entrance. The computer system is required to determine a summary of late proceedings and results of proceedings. As an example, transfers to replacement control, hearings and any produces to parole.

Discharge Organizers:

The ECW computer system gives this customer with the ability to take care of patient relieve. For instance, this may take into account someone data repository that is able to store patient data. The system may additionally need to contain a release planning component that has the capacity to produce a release planning graphical user interface for exhibition to different users. In this manner, the discharge planners are able to assist in the transfer or launch data from the prisoners whom are in the hospital at Bellvue Hospital jail ward. Much more, the discharge planners have the ability to employ the system to provide info of any kind of necessary post-discharge medical care selections from the nurses, choose the distinct medical care suppliers who meet the medical care selections, and automatically send out a relieve request towards the designated medical providers (Gerdin et ing., 1997).

Dental, Administration:

The pc system is used for administrative action by the institution’s administration. This is certainly needed for summarization of every year proceedings as programs, like the expenditures pertaining to personnel, establishments and gear obtained. The device is also requited for being up to date with summaries of the establishment personnel. Included in this are: appointments, departures, and assignments as well as liberation from this sort of assignments. Any kind of day-to-day actions being taken on and given at the center necessitate the implementation of the computer system (Josi and Sechrest, 1998).

Gap Analysis

Space analysis sets out the diversities between the genuine and needed systems. This kind of analysis is utilized for the pc system, and in particular, signifies the dissimilarities among what a personal computer is able to carry out and what intended to perform. The functional gap research delves in different kinds of capabilities and determines whether this sort of gaps happen to be serious or whether the users of the system are able to cater to them. Pertaining to gaps that are not significant, the analysis offers alternatives that involve changes to program structure and pattern or to the practices of the customer (Balm, 1996).

Current Circumstance (Briefly)

Presently, there is a trouble the access of information intended for inmates whom are patients. The implication of this is that if one forgets to document or perhaps record details, he or she is forced to return to Rikers Island to obtain it. This not only adversely impacts resources in

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