Anthem identity vs conformity the storia anthem

Conformity, Ayn Rand, Equality, Utopia

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Excerpt from Thesis:

Anthem: Individuality or Conformity

The novella Anthem by Ayn Rand is the story of the individual’s seek out identity in a society based on conformity. Placed in the future the story’s protagonist, Equality 7-2521 is a street sweeper in whose great sin is to have personal desire. Equality 7-2521 is born right into a collectivist culture in which everyone’s life is manipulated by several councils of social planners and disciplinarians and in that this use of the phrase “I” continues to be forbidden. Every person is “we, ” the perfection of “equality. ” Lacking any avenue intended for private thought and motivation, this would be thinking about is so totally poor, intellectually and materially, that their heroes of technological progress are “the twenty illustrious men who invented the candle. inch

Equality 7-2521 rebels against this cult of interchangeable parts and the cheapest common denominator and skins in order to perform scientific exploration in a magic formula tunnel which contains relics with the Unmentionable Occasions. With help from discoveries he makes among the ruins of the earlier civilization, presumably our own, he reinvents the electric light. He offers his “power from the sky” to the World Council of Scholars, nevertheless they treat his achievement because an take action of rebellion. He flees to the backwoods and with the by using a a like-minded woman, Liberty 5-3000, starts to build his own culture, a place of freedom that dissidents can come and begin to recuperate the world that was lost.

Equity 7-2521rejects the norms of his society because of the oppression put on individuality. His motivation to develop the electric light can be seen by a number of aspects. On one level he expectations his technology will make lifestyle more comfortable pertaining to his “brothers. ” This individual also is looking for redemption to get breaking the laws of his society by keeping the canal a top secret and carrying out unauthorized trials. Ultimately, the effort gives him a great deal of personal pleasure and a certain amount of pride. However , these kinds of feeling are forbidden in the world. Equal rights 7-2521 sooner or later comes to the understanding that his invention “is like a living heart that provides us strength. We have lied to you to ourselves. We have not really built this box intended for the good of our brothers. We all built it for our own sake. It can be above all each of our brothers to us, and its truth above their truth” (p. 85).

Rand’s book explores the danger of governments using the pressure of conformity as a way control their people. The Councils constantly monitor the world that they created. Equal rights 7-2521 is without choice in what he really does. The Local authorities decide every aspect of his your life. Yet several tingle in the mind inspires him to stand alone and find out a unique way of living.

Over the novel Equal rights 7-2521 problems with his ought to spend

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