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Practicing Ethnographic Methods

JFK (John F. Kennedy) International Airport is one of the most popular international airports in america and serves as a gateway for the newest York Metropolis and other Tri-State within the metropolitan regions. In addition to enjoying solutions from the Fly Blue, and Virgin America, the JFK airport is the major place to go for visitors via various regions such as European countries, South America, Asia, Middle East and Africa. The JFK airport will get over 41 million site visitors yearly making the airport terminal the most frantic international gateway in the New york city. However , air-ports are the social-based organization in which the visitors and employees come from various interpersonal and social backgrounds, which influence the airport making decisions.

Objective on this paper is to carry out the ethnographic research by offering the benefits of the statement of the sociable and social settings at the John Farreneheit. Kenney Airport terminal.


I personally use the ethnographic method to execute the research. The ethnographic is definitely the type of a social study that uses a strong emphasis on exploring the social and organic contexts of phenomena. The essence the ethnographic research is to offer raw sociable data based on the actual manners required to understand the social method. (Kusenbach, 2003). Thus, the technique I use to gather data is through declaration with minimal active interaction with the discovered subjects and minimize activities that could obstruct the information registered. The paper discusses the results of my observation during my trip to the airport.


I visited the JKF international airport two times to carry out my findings after the authorizations from the international airport authorities, and I use 3 hours for every visit. Typically, I take notice of the setting during each visit and the outcomes of my own observations happen to be as follows.

Description of the Physical and Sociable Setting Learning

The two visits makes myself to record over 150 observations that include the physical location, depth about the physical environment as well as the people involved. By my statement, the JFK international airport involves 6 ports and the ports are figures Terminal 1-8 because the Port 6 and Terminal a few have been demolished in 2011 and 2013 respectively. Typically, every one of the terminals are designed in U – Shaped. Since it can be not possible to make a close observation on all the terminals due to time aspect, I perform my declaration on the Airport terminal 4 only.

The Terminal 4 from the JFK international airport is designed in U-shaped and able to cater to the Airbus A380. Coming from my observation, the Airport terminal 4 is definitely the major entrance to the JFK airport. Commonly, the Port building is about 140, 000 m2 (1, 500, 000 square feet) and I counted 26 entrance within the Port 4, and terminal offers the services to many international airlines that include KLM, Swiss Foreign Airlines, Egypt Air, Singapore Airlines, and Emirates.

At my observation, I actually notice a lot of categories of persons at the Terminal 4. The people include people who are employed in the security sector such as authorities, immigration and custom officers. I likewise observe numbers of airport individuals, some of them have arrived from their different places while some individuals are about to board the plane. By my remark, I see there is a kind of cultural behaviors among the security officers because barely do I see a security officer shifting alone, they always move in pairs or group. Walking in pairs enhances their social discussion.

However , the social behaviors of the individuals are different since passengers’ activity is over a peak if they are entering the primary lobby or perhaps seeking first information from the screens, or queuing in line. I also observe that both passenger and employee participate in killing time when there exists nothing to do and the beloved strategy to kill the time through engaging in chat among the other person.

Description of behaviors that Follow or Disobey Cultural “Rules”

I notice several manners that follow and violate ethnical rules at my two visits at the international airport. Some of the behaviours that follow the guidelines is that the travellers always the actual queue when they about to plank the plane and none of them of those attempts to jump the queue. Moreover, the recently arriving tourists who will be ready to be examined by the immigration officers are on the line and allowed themselves to be checked one-by -one by the officers. Essentially, the behavior of employees inside the airport demonstrate that they are following general guidelines and techniques laid down by the airport authority. In spite of some behaviours in the air-port that follow the overall rules, you may still find some manners that violate the general guidelines. For example , the screener around the checking stage always by hand checks the airbag of all of the women passing the checking out points. Yet , the screener allowed a woman to pass through devoid of checking her handbag within the pretext that she dependable that the lady could not put illegal items in her bag. Moreover, I observe that the security officials intentionally ignore some dangers on the ground they may be false security alarms. From my observation, the behaviour of the officials is up against the rules placed down by the airport authority, however , officers working in group are likely to stick to the rules that an employee working alone.

Explanation of what I learn about the Ethnical Scenes

I learned several cultural moments during my two visits for the airport. Initial, there was a solid cultural selection among the people. From my observation, chinese difference of the passengers demonstrates in their technique of dressing, and behaviors. Typically, people who speak the same dialect associate with each other and avoid mixing up with people who have speak diverse languages. The reason is the language obstacle among the individuals. I recognize some Oriental passengers emerging with the KLM group themselves together speaking about with one another. By my findings, the Chinese language feel protect with other Chinese language that any passenger coming from another region. Moreover, I observe that passengers with a solid ethnic difference avoid blending with one another whether or not they speak precisely the same language. For example , in the KLM, some American indian passengers steer clear of missing together with the English passengers despite that they will communicate with the other person using English language language. The other ethnical scene remarked is that the means of dressing shows the resident of each traveler. Almost half the passengers dress in a way that reflects their very own countries of origins.

Information of precisely what is Important or Interesting about what I Discovered

The important thing about what I learn is that the airport setting is one of the places to study the social and ethnical relationships of men and women. Typically, international airport is a place where there is a strong social interaction amongst employees and non-employees. We learn it is easy to recognize people who have only come to the United States the first time because all their cultural qualification will reveal in their dress up, the language and intonation.

I learn the fact that more individuals are staying in the U. S i9000., the more all their cultural alignment blends together with the U. H. cultural alignment. For example , various employees at the Terminal some in the JFK international airport happen to be immigrants from other countries who have naturalized themselves, nevertheless they are able to combine up conveniently with American-born employees. My personal findings reveal that the even more people be in the United States, a lot more their social and ethnical difference drop and ability to adapt while using American ethnic orientation improves.

Description of my Reactions to becoming an “Outsider”

Lack of ability to socialize with people can be one of my own reactions getting outsider. I really like associating with people within a social setting especially a sociable setting just like airport, even though, some people have an interest in socializing with me at night at the air-port, however , We minimize my own social impact with people as far as possible in order to not interfere with my ethnographic results.

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