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In completion of this kind of assignment the art gallery that we chose to go to was Indicate Gallery in Englewood New Jersey. When you approach the establishment there are flooring to threshold glass windows that allow you to see everything inside. Facing the gallery there were so many colours that enticed you to enter. The agreements and art work was spread out nicely not leading to clutter. This kind of allowed one to individually take in each part on on its own. All of the bits were excellent but the specialist that caught my focus was Mr.

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Mark Oberndorf.

Oberndorf was developed in Ny but happens to be residing in Bergren County New Jersey. He is a up to date realist painter. Since the regarding 10 he has been interested in the visual arts. At an early age some of his beginning performs were illustrating his school yearbook to painting murals on his grammar school building. From 1995 to present Oberndorf has had art in various group and solo displays and art galleries.

Currently his work is currently represented by Mark Gallery of Englewood New Jersey and Westwood Gallery in Westwood Nj-new jersey.

I found many of his parts interesting since they were so basic. Certainly not meaning they were doing not have levels or measurements but they put me in the mind of simpler times and relatable memories. His pieces display three dimensional effects on a two dimensional area with normal lighting effects. Most painting are manufactured with essential oil on bed linen canvass. This kind of pieces as the “Wyckoff Train Station, “Dairy Queen and “Gas all represent the Bergren County location and regions of New York before the gentrification stage. “Gas depicts an old two pump stop as you would see it in the 1970’s.

The piece of the “Dairy Queen shows the classic franchise that was formed somewhat of the barn before the new modernized look you could see today. I can remember as a child having one of those in our area. We often visited this for a Saturday cone following attending cathedral. I could not really wait to stand in series for my soft provide on a cone. Lastly the “Wyckoff Teach Station is truly a classic single standing building not so big on the side in the tracks. Very much dated compared to the enormous educate stations and subway areas you see in the big towns such as New York.

Through viewing these pieces I would think this is his way of keeping a piece of record, before all common attractions that placed tradition and memories had been torn down. Prior to gentrification in many of our communities there have been several sites or companies that were a common thread to our community. Be it the mom and pop shop on the part to the traditional ice cream stand. Gentrification provides erased these things with more refreshed establishments that help to take economic riches for some yet forces others out of the areas and residential areas that they have recently been a part of for quite a while.


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