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After a number of terrorist disorders, society have focused and learned a lot about Islamic extremist, Jihad and countries of the Central East generally. Almost every working day the news consists of stories about how exactly orthodox Muslims and al-Qaeda recruits small promising pupils to combat the reductions of Muslims all over the world. This is also the issue which can be talked about in this short tale: “My son the fanatic by Hanif Kureishi. Ali is some of those promising college students. He acquired straight A’s and was remarkable for cricket, going swimming and football, had lots of friends and a lovely sweetheart.

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Having been completely integrated in the English language society. After that suddenly he becomes a great orthodox Muslim and gives most of his items away, quite possibly because he is the “type of Muslim who have believes that just by neglecting the material globe you can be a true Muslim, or it is because all of those things is actually a symbol for the , the burkha which he can trying to get away from.

Ali as well changes his attitude. He disperses with his friends fantastic girlfriend and begins to speak harsh and disrespectfully toward his dad Parvez.

This individual and his dad used to be like brothers, “We were not dad and son ” we were brothers! (P. 194 l. 14-15) They will used to discuss everything but after Ali’s “transformation, it can really awkward when they are collectively. Parvez will take Ali to a restaurant and tries to break the silence but Ali was extremely reluctant to talk and started out lecturing Parvez on most his errors in life according to the Koran. This individual no longer foretells Parvez because his dad but like he is a person that he must encourage to become a Muslim. Parvez is definitely the father of Ali. He can born in Pakistan although is now a taxi new driver in England. This individual loves residing in England is very integrated inside the western traditions.

He will everything they can to create a regular life pertaining to his friends and family. He performs a lot to give Ali a first-class education. However , Ali drops away of school and Parvez can be bothering his head about this. He foretells his friends about plus they concludes that he must be taking drugs, nevertheless , after a day or two with that theory, he discovers that Ali has become an orthodox Muslim, it consequently breaks Parves’ heart. Parvez isn’t Muslim but is convinced that you should live your life the way you need to, however respect others. He believes that if you wish some chicken or a beverage you should be permitted to have it.

This and his friendship with the metal Bettina conflict with Ali’s orthodox belief. Parvez provides the amazing capacity to see anything good in everybody. Even when Ali disgraces him at the cafe he continue to believes in the good in him. Bettina is one of Parvez’ regular clients due to like a brass and so working past due, when Parvez like to job. She is a very good friend of Parvez and he can speak with her regarding things this individual wouldn’t actually discuss with his wife: “he could talk to her about things he’d never manage to discuss with his own better half. (P. 195l. 1-2) Even so Bettina is, for Ali, a symbol of anything that is incorrect about the western society. Ali may additionally think that Bettina has some thing with his daddy that his father noesn’t need with his mom. Bettina also helps Parvez trough the tough instances when he don’t know what is going on with Ali. I do think the reason that the writer features chosen a prostitute as the wise one is to show just how Parvez can easily see something good at everyone, actually those who you observe as underneath of the world.

The finishing drastically shows how frustrated and helpless Parvez can be feeling. This individual has no thought of what to do. Everything he has worked for is just tossed into the garbage. To sum up the themes of this short account it’s about clash of cultures. We have the european culture which in turn we see in Bettina and Parvez appointment the Islamic culture which is represented simply by Ali. It also takes up the theme regarding the relationship among father and son, and moreover how a dad’s expectations can produce a son go the opposite course.

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