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Cognitive Social Learning and Artist Frida Kahlo

It is important to note, from the onset, that social-cognitive learning theory could be thought as a theory of persona that features cognition and learning, especially in the social environment, as essential sources of specific differences in character. 1 Though Kahlo was married to Diego Regato, their romantic relationship was, occasionally, rocked by extramarital affairs emanating via both parties. In accordance to Tempesta2, Diego got earlier on recently had an affair with Kahlos sis. This betrayal hurt her deeply and it could be believed that her own extramarital affairs commenced as a consequence of this single take action and had been sustained by Diegos playboy behaviors. This is certainly consistent with social learning theory whereby persons model their particular behaviors along those of others. Kahlos early on childhood experience of family lifestyle could also have ingrained in her certain familial beliefs and idea systems particularly with regard to her role as being a wife. In accordance to Kettenmann3, the relationship Kahlos mother had with her daughters is tense. Kahlo could have become irresolute regarding bearing kids of her own coming from interactions with her mom. Towards this kind of end, it has to be taken into account that Kahlo secured several abortions also during her early matrimony days. Her move in the case is largely consistent with cognitive interpersonal learning theory whereby her observance from the outcomes of her father and mother union and mothers faraway self would have contributed towards her reluctance to duplicate the situation. Also, it is important to be aware that Kahlo was more of a great introvert in her afterwards life. Aside from contracting polio when your woman was simply 6, which in turn had the effect of isolating her from peers for any lengthy time period, Kahlo was involved in a significant traffic incident when the girl was 18 an event that confined her to a medical center bed for a number of months because she went through recovery. Her introverted self could have been a result of little sociable exposure over these two times of her life.


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