As we all chock full the large area to watch ...

d notice that everyone

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was anxious and excited. It took at least twenty minitues for everyone to setlle down a end up being

quiet. Actually then you could experience it in you that this would be a very good thing and perhaps

even find someone famous. The job interviewer stepped out onto the stage and told evryone

who was coming in first.

The Interviewer offers chosen to converse with a oridanry man witch owns a tavern inside the

outskirt of Boston.? What kind of struggles did going through throughout the Revolutionary

conflict.? the job interviewer said. Well During the period of time during the wave there

had been many things that went incorrect. In the begginging it didnt seem so bad but as time

went by it got even worse. Prices pertaining to goods proceeded to go up so whenever you marketed something you

wouldnt be able to make a profit because the price would go up more. Half the time the

Continentals only paid out in commisionary chacks witch were only good if they earned the battle

witch at the moment seemed hard to find. Also throughout the winter the moment there would be snow it is

hard to make cash unless troops are camped by. Possibly then you lost something. The

catlle if the men had been hungry they would butcher the cows and just take the meat. It was

hard back then it was hard!

The next person that emerged up was Mr. George Washington. The Interviewer asked

one question and that was all.? What were the worst times during the the conflict? she asked. Well We

would have to claim during the winter of 1777 and 1778 in Pit Forge.? it was hard on

the boys he said, men devoid of clothes to hide their nude bodys, zero blankets, devoid of

shoes, and the begginging there was not any huts or perhaps cabins to settle so the were forced to

sleeping on the earth or snow.? There were simply no fights but it was still the toughest victory to

over come~Living. Mr. Wa proved that valley forge was not a place to rest for

the winter but to try to endure. He remaining without saying a word.

The Final and last interview was with Thomas Jefferson. It was to be depending on The

Declaration of Independence. Tomas Jefferson a yougn delgate took part in writing the

announcement of Self-reliance. He and five different men done the wirting July 4, 1776

which in turn no is actually a national holiday break called Indepence Day. This made the american says free and

independent. It stated that every men had been created equal andthat they are endowed by their

creator without selected unalienable rights, that among these are lifes, liberty, and the

pursuit of delight. The three parts of the Declaration were throw into Basic Rights

United kingdom, Wrongs, and An Independent Nation. The most important An Independent

Nation. It gave all of us the name The United States Of America.

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