Assessment and analysis of personal worldview

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Personal Worldview Inventory

1( A) Key components of Personal Worldview

Worldview refers to the process individuals interpret reality and nature. Worldviews can shape an individual encounter, and crucial components of worldviews include:

Medical worldview

Faith based worldview



Modern worldview is comparable to scientific worldview because modern worldview features scientific evidence in understanding any event. Typically, the scientific worldview is convinced that virtually any event that cannot be reinforced through scientific base is definitely baseless. Yet , religious worldview is related to the postmodern worldview, which believes that God answers almost all prayers and everything events are caused through supernatural means. Religious worldviews believe that knowledge can only come through supernatural and spiritual means. On the other Bacterium believes that events result from biochemical means while the societal worldviews will be caused through cultural ontology.

I (B) Modern American Worldview and Postmodern Worldview?

Modernism identifies the view of all people in western portion of the world today. It identifies a strong idea of traditional western people regarding logic, rationalism and research. Modernism think that people should certainly use science and common sense to be a simple of observer of the world. Modernism disregards supernatural belief because it cannot be confirmed by science. However , postmodern worldview can be against the modern day western worldview on the ground that science and logic are the tools to understand the world, nevertheless , they can answer all insider secrets happening in the world. Postmodernists try to embrace the holistic treatments through spiritual means. Essentially, postmodernists believe events result from supernatural means through Goodness and psychic interventions. Contrarily, modernists refuse any function that is not depending on a technological proof.

Inside my own case, I support the postmodern worldview since there are several incidents that happen today that cannot be verified scientifically. In the past, I had connection with spiritual treatment, which helped me believe that The almighty carried out psychic healings. Some years again, I was extremely sick and I used most western remedies to cure the disease without having results. If the sickness was very important, I interceded to God, few days later on, I had ideal that somebody in the fantasy gave me an injection. When I woke up, I experienced in my human body that someone had picked me with an injection. The other day, I actually recovered in the sickness. Even though, modernists can be that an person can have a fantasy, however , modernists cannot prove that an individual can always be healed through dream. We support postmodern worldview as the theory demonstrates that supernatural events carry out occur but it will surely continue to happen. (Paggit, 2009).

2(A) Christian Worldview for Nursing.

Inside the contemporary medical environment, The lord’s intervention facilitates nurses to undertake the curing successfully. Commonly, nursing is made upon a Christian practice and thought. God is the creator of the universe and God shapes our enormous understanding of individual health and environment that we live. Thus, the concept of Christian worldview for breastfeeding can advise the health concept and sees spiritual patient through plea and hope, which enhances compassion and caring of patients. In essence, the worldview lens provides tremendous effect on nursing practice with reference to tending to patients. Essentially, the Christian faith can shape the nursing practice because Christ encourages his disciples to care for others including about to die or ill people. From Jesus teaching, it is revealed that caring for body system through prayer is important strategy to combat illness. When ever nurses approach nursing practice through Christian worldview, they are able to overcome illness and diseases.

“Phenomenology is meant to complement our knowledge of health in adding to the disease-level evaluation a level of analysis that addresses the queries of how the physiological states are lived as significant in an environment. ” (Svenaeus, 2001 s 87).

The idea of phenomenology of disease and illness discloses that disease can disturb the natural functions of the body, which could lead to disease. By effect, the construction of phenomenology of disease contributes to the patient-nursing human relationships in order to improve patient proper care. My experience of illness and disease is the fact God may be the ultimate Healer of disease and condition. Through constant prayers, rns can treat any disease. The illness endured by the Ivan Ilych was a natural trigger, however , Ivan did not make use of the Christian World view in combating the illness despite that having been a devoted gentleman.

2(b) “Christian concept of the Imago Dei”

The concept of Graphic Dei can be described as Latin word, which means ‘image of Goodness. ” The style Image Dei imprints Goodness upon mankind, and discovering human because His exceptional creation. In the Bible inside the New Testament under Genesis 1 . 26-27, God said “Let gentleman be made in Our image, ” and God created Adam in the Own graphic. For several hundreds of years, the Christian concept of Imago Dei has influenced the initial approach of healthcare. When Greeks designed medicine, the Christians advised the believers the method to use medicine simply by pointing out that God cures the unwell people throughout the work of Physicians. Moreover, early Christians philanthropies were informed by spiritual and theological ideas of Photo Dei and believed that it was only God Who can provide proper care to a ill person. As God has established human in His own graphic, God has the responsibility to care for ill people. Though, healthcare experts have undergone years of teaching to learn the art of caring for people, however , Our god has the last say in caring for unwell people since God delivers knowledge intended for healthcare professional.

Therefore, the concept Imago Dei is very relevant to the initial approach within the healthcare environment because the concept reveals that healthcare professionals are required to integrate God features their professional practices. Typically, it is very important for health care professionals to integrate Christian spiritual believes in their professional practice and ask for Our god guidance when implementing health care practice. It is also important to understand that God produces man in the own photo and Goodness understands human being physiological part. Thus, health care professionals have to seek for The lord’s guidance inside their professional practice to carry out their very own professional practice successfully.

3( A) Use of Colossians you for ideas of “God, ” “Environment, “Person, inches Nursing, and “Health.

Colossians 1 reveals that God gives grace to Christ, who recommends his supporters to usually pray to obtain the Sophistication of God. Moreover, coming from Colossians 1, it is necessary for true Christians to show want to other Christians because anybody who shows love to different fellow individual will be compensated in the heaven. Colossian one particular also reveals that The almighty provides know-how and spiritual wisdom to man and anybody presented the God’s knowledge will be strengthen with power.

Inside the Bible, Colossian 1, The almighty created the community and made every one of the living things in the world to be fruitful and embrace number. In addition, God facilitates the Minister of Christ to be endowed with the Nature of God. Thus, The almighty gives knowledge to people in order to be fulfilled with the words of God. The Colossians you reveals that individuals should utilize the knowledge directed at them to make peaceful environment. One of the ways to make a peaceful environment is to be endowed with the Heart of Goodness and this can be achieved through prayers. Thus, person should not stop to hope and always show appreciation to The almighty in other to attain everlasting delight. The Colossians 1 also reveals that folks should present love to the other person and it is through love that man can develop a good environment, that can enhance healthy environment.

Essentially, nursing practice is related the teaching the words of God since nursing experts should request the Our god guidance within their professional practice in order to deliver quality health-related for sufferers. Typically, nurses should always pray to Goodness and ask for much more knowledge to carry out their professional practice. In addition, nurses will need to ask for the Spirit of God to guide them inside the professional practice to deliver superior quality healthcare for patients.

3( b) Stress that might be skilled arising from big difference in Worldviews

The concept of Worldviews are set of assumptions and beliefs, which will expresses ethnicities, explain and interpret encounters. Typically, worldview is very valuable within the health care environment and healthcare suppliers play a critical role in reducing wellness disparities. Nevertheless , difference in religious and cultural beliefs among health-related providers, nursing administrators and patients can lead to a anxiety within health-related environment. The healthcare environment composes of numerous professionals with different religious and cultural backgrounds, and some health-related practitioners will be Christians even though some of them are Muslims. In some health-related environment, a lot of healthcare professionals do not belong to any faith. More importantly, individuals are from different religions. Thus, disparities of religions among health-related professionals can bring tension when ever nurses make an effort to implement Christian worldviews intended for patients who have are non-Christians. It is essential to understand that some people are extremely extreme with their religious values and some of which do not need to listen to the views of other religions apart from their very own religious morals. For example

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