Assessment of the investment procedures of

I. Metrobank

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A. History

City Bank and Trust Company (Metrobank) began by a band of businessmen on September your five, 1962 on the Wellington Building in Binondo, Manila. In August 1963, the bank’s initially branch began in Divisoria. Four years later, Metrobank opened its Davao part, the bank’s first comarcal branch. On the onset of the 70s, Metrobank opened its first international branch in Taipei. The Central Traditional bank, on The spring 1977, authorized Metrobank to work a Foreign Currency Deposit Product (FCDU). Inside the same 12 months, branches and offices totaled 100 plus the bank inaugurated its fresh Head Office by Metrobank Plaza in Makati.

About August 21, 1981, the Central Traditional bank authorized Metrobank to operate like a universal bank. Following the give of the widespread banking license, Metrobank joined the following endeavors: the acquisition of majority ownership of Filipino Savings Bank (the second largest financial savings bank in the country at that time); the organization of a joint travel agency venture with Jones Cook Group in Thomas Cook Phils.

, Inc. in year 1986; and the tying-up with Toyota Motor Company of The japanese and Mitsui to put up Toyota Engine Philippines in 1988. Metrobank eventually entered into joint ventures with several distinguished corporations like Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Company of Japan to create Sumigin Metro Purchase Corporation; the National Shared Holdings Limited. of Down under to create Filipino AXA Life Insurance Corporation; plus the ORIX of Japan to develop ORIX Local area Leasing and Finance Corporation.

The Old Metrobank Logo used until 2009

In September 1982, the quantity of Metrobank twigs, offices and subsidiaries overtaken the 2 hundred mark. One year later, Metrobank topped the entire personal domestic lender in total assets with P8. 8 billion dollars. The bank continuing to experience regular growth through the years and in Sept. 2010 1989, this increased its authorized capital stock from P2 billion to P5 billion. The bank’s total capital money on Summer 30, 2006 stood at P57. three or more billion. Their consolidated methods amounted to P588. one particular billion as of the same period. As of Summer 2007 assets reached P669. 1 billion dollars ($14. five billion) (P46=$1).

Metrobank’s subsidiaries are Toyota Motor Thailand Corporation, Filipino Savings Financial institution, First Local area Investment Organization, Metrobank Credit card Corporation, ORIX Metro Leasing and Financial Corporation, SMBC Metro Expenditure Corporation, 1st Metro Travelex (formerly Thomas Cook (Phils. )), Philippine AXA A life insurance policy Corporation, Mirant Global Organization, Philippine Rental Insurance Company, MBTC Technology, Inc., Toyota Financial Services Corporation, Toyota Cubao, Inc., Toyota Manila Bay Corporation, 1st Metro Securities Corporation, 1st Metro Intercontinental Investment Company. Ltd., City Bank (Bahamas) Ltd., MEGABYTES Remittance Centre Inc. (USA), Metro Remittance Singapore, Local area Remittance UK Limited, Metro Remittance (Italia) SpA, City Remittance H. A. (Spain) and MBTC Exchange Companies GmbH (Austria).

The Metrobank Group provides a combined network of more than 800 community and worldwide branches/offices, remittance offices and subsidiaries globally. It has 557 domestic limbs and thirty-two offices in New York, Hk, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Pusan, Guam, Taipei, Kaohsiung, This town, Barcelona, Vienna, Rome, Bologna, Milan, Singapore, Chicago, Hawaii islands, and Shanghai in china. On Sept. 2010 28, 2009, Metrobank may be the first community bank to offer a line of CNY denominated offerings

B. Organization Profile

Founded in Sept. 2010 5, 62, Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co. (Metrobank) has as become the premier universal financial institution and among the list of foremost finance institutions in the Philippines. It offers an entire range of banking and other financial products and providers, including company, commercial and consumer bank, as well as credit-based card, remittances, leasing, investment banking and trust banking. Metrobank currently ranges a consolidated network of over 1, 400 ATMs nationwide; more than 760 home-based branches; and 38 foreign branches, subsidiaries, and rep offices. II. Investment

A. Definition

Investment is the actions or technique of investing cash for profit or materials result or a thing that may be worth ordering because it could possibly be profitable or useful in the future.

B. Investment Procedures

Defined here are the norms, system, standards, and procedures by which we can constantly safeguard customer information and ensure its privacy, with your support, subject to the limitations prescribed in Section V (Limit about Liability) in the Terms and Conditions for Individual customers and Section XI (Limit in Liability) from the metrobankdirect Memorando of Agreement for Corporate customers. In order to help you understand fully our commitment in keeping the privateness of your data and protecting the security of your transactions, you should be aware that the phrases “we, “us, and “our refer to Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company (Metrobank), the flagship firm of the Metrobank Group. The text “you and “your label the individual/s or business customer/s who have opened and maintain/s more than one account/s with Metrobank and enrolled in metrobankdirect.

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