Bakery business plan composition

We would like to open a bakery enjoys 85 levels C inside the Songjiang University or college Town about our university.

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First, we all will introduce 85 deg C. It really is Taiwan-style providing company, generally engaged in offering coffee and dessert. Its name means that “coffee tastes finest at the temperatures of eighty five degree centigrade , and it is set up on the basic of five-star chef and banquet’s particular top-level espresso. This shop is a new creative, this makes shop more glowing with graceful lamplight, and suits with brand picture, so that it would bring the consumer several feeling inside the bright wide open space, as well the consumer can savor the sense of beauty and temptation from your delicious delicacy, which will makes your sight、smelling and tasting feel brand new.

85 certifications C is done in 2005, and at present, 85 levels C offers became a series of enterprise, and recieve more than 340 stores in Taiwan, twelve-monthly operating profits is more than RMB 1 ) 5 billion, has go beyond more than 200 Starbucks in Taiwan place.

Over the years, it is becoming more and more popular among customers, especially among the list of young. A large large number of college students in the Songjiang University City, it can satisfy the demands in the students’ need. So if we open a shop like 85 degrees C, it will have a major market.

All of us aim to give our superior quality products in a competitive price to meet the demands of the university students. Our bakery maintained by our four companions. There are Peach, Helen, __ and I. Every single of us has a different responsibility.

Peach is in charge of the sales, marketing and source chain, and i also am in control of the supervision and financial. Helen is definitely interested in bakery, so she actually is in charge of the standard of our companies purchase. And ** manages the customer assistance.

Our food handling business also intends to hire two full-time pastry bakers whose duty can be making loaf of bread and we likewise have two or perhaps staff to deal with customer service and day to day procedures.

Products and assistance

We offer a broad range of milk, tea, espresso in superior quality, and also provide freshly prepared bakery and pastry products at all period. We cater to all the students’ demands by providing each college student high quality goods. And make our items suit the user’s taste, to the smallest details.

Our bakery provides freshly prepared bakery and pastry products constantly during business operations. Moderate batches of bakery and pastry items are prepared in the daytime to assure new baked goods are available. Especially in the morning, all of us will provide the new, healthy, scrumptious bread and milk for all the students to leave them possess a better lunch break.

We provide an appropriate place for students to have rest. We also provide free WIRELESS, you can arrive and have fun in browsing the Internet for your PC or mobile phone which WIFI let.

Competitor Examination From the research we can see that you have several bakery shops around us, including Lillian Wedding cake Shop、Christine breads house, yet we can discover some difficulties with them. On the other hand, it has a expensive. On the other hand, environmental surroundings there is too crowded. The most crucial reason is the fact there is no special bakery around our school, so we can open a bakery about. Main Competitions

We may satisfy the following dangers. First, the threat of potential traders. Second, competition in this market. Third, the threat of different products. Next, the shopper’s bargaining electric power is very solid. Keys to Success and Promotion 、market penetration

Secrets to success for the bakery will include: 1 . Rendering the highest quality goods with personal customer service. installment payments on your Competitive charges. 3. Popular features of our items. 4. Adverts and colorful activities. 5. Atmosphere Mainly because we think our student isn’t just like delicious food yet also trying to find high quality and fresh products in a calming atmosphere exactly where they can chat with their friends, relax themselves, read a few books and review their very own homework. All of us also provide totally free WIFI, you can come and also have fun in surfing the world wide web.

Our campaign and marketplace penetration Promo strategies will include three parts. Including Improve publicity、Later publicity and actions. Advance marketing will be considerable, high strength and invest even more. Later publicity will pay even more attention to the consumer relationship supervision. In addition to these, we will host some particular activities organizing and corporation, such as recruit the school get together, in order to showcase our food handling business, at the same time we could also point out to customer’s awareness through the activities. For the vacations, we can carry out targeted promotion strategies such as give leaflets and give some special discounts to the customer.

Market Segmentation

The bakery desires to establish a large regular consumer bottom, and we will as a result concentrate the business and marketing on Songjiang students, which will be the dominant target market. This will establish a healthy, regular revenue foundation to ensure stableness of the business.

Market examination

The major target market to get our bakery is university students. Personal and expedient customer service at a competitive price is the key to maintaining the area market share on this target market. Because the students in Songjiang College or university Town possess a higher require on food, they often like refreshing and good-tasted food and want a secure place to have rest. You can expect fresh baked bread. You can always see the Baker inside the continuous development of bread. We also provide delicious robert tea and coffee every days, specifically on the lunch break time and dinner time. And the comfortable place to suit your needs and your friends is always offered. Financial Concerns

Our bakery shop desires to acquire about $500, 000 from you. Mainly used for the acquiring raw materials, the loan, staff training, market campaign. We anticipates sales of approximately $614, 000 in the initially year, and $814, 000 in the second year, with the plan. We have to break even by fourth month of its operation since it steadily increases its product sales. So the business does not assume any cash flow problems.


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