Balances of values and academiic flexibility of

Balances of Values and Academiic Flexibility of Inquiry Essay

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Dear Mr. Ur. Kirby Godsey

In the process of life we all face various challenges and several crossroads. All of us

have many selections and many decisions to make. To make these decisions we must

take into account the moral values our parents have got taught all of us since we were born.

All those Christian beliefs should guide our lives as well as the choices we all make. These types of

same ideals should also guideline at university as well. Inside our pursuit of know-how, we

should certainly keep these values at heart.

In our limitless road of learning, were granted with many academic

freedoms. We have the freedom to problem and try to master new tips. We also

have the independence to disagree with the material presented to us.

We can argue

and voice our thoughts, but in a great orderly style.

In working out those freedoms, we should do it with maturity and

responsibility. As students, we are responsible for learning all the content of

any course we study. We are liberated to take exclusion to the opinions or data

presented to us, and are free to reserve judgment about concerns of viewpoints.

Sometimes, within our quest for expertise, there becomes a conflict between

our philosophy we are familiar with and the materials presented to us. Once there is

a difference, we should certainly not ignore the idea or obstruct it out.

We should take a moment

to learn and question fresh ideas. Just because we master something doesnt mean we all

have to accept it. We ought to leave yourself open to new ideas. Once we do this

we become perfectly rounded people.

An example of this is actually the issue relating to the debate between evolution

and creationism. Since Christians, we naturally have confidence in creationism, yet we

should not stop studying evolution mainly because we never believe in that.

This kind of

makes all of us very close oriented. We shouldnt stop learning about a subject simply

because all of us dont have confidence in it. Certainly one of our liberties is the educational freedom of

inquiry. What this means is we have independence to query. We have the freedom to learn.

We are able to still hunt for more answers, and we can easily learn several theories and

still maintain our philosophy.

The secret to success in doing this should be to balance all this. We

should be able to keep our philosophy and fresh ideas offered separated. We need to be

capable of draw a line between what you study and whatever you believe. In doing this

we become open minded persons.

I believe whenever we can harmony our ideals and our academic liberty of

request we have reached a whole new level of learning. Only a few people can easily do


It is hard to want to find out material provided to all of us that you dont

particularly look after or rely on. When we discover how to do this we could open to a

whole new associated with possibilities.

I believe I have discovered how to keep my morals and values, while

carrying on my hunt for new ideas and details. I feel I use learned to

balance these kinds of. I have found the line between the two, and I find out when too much

is too significantly. Since Mercer is a place where I could feel free to open myself to new

doorways and express my beliefs, I feel I might blend into the Mercer environment

very well.

I i am open to fresh ideas and want to learn. I wish to get the greatest

education I can get and Mercer is a place wherever I can get it. I was willing to

master as much as I can, whether it is mentally, academically, or perhaps





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