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He used his skills of persuasion to convince U. S. Commander-in-Chief Jack Pershing that his ideas for a U. T. Air Force well deserved attention. Mitchell then personally trained and organized the initially pilots of the newly created air force, earning him the title as its “father. ” In addition , during the St Mihiel questionable in 1918, he led the largest air flow fleet of time, consisting of almost 1500 germane aircraft. Maybe most importantly, this individual envisioned the advantages of a progressively more independent air force, and he made no secret of his commitment to enacting this kind of expectation. Regrettably, in the process, he alienated many higher-ups inside the army and the navy, producing his management style among questionable controversy rather than blind admiration.

Mitchell’s difficulties with the military, which will ultimately resulted in his court martial, weren’t, however , a consequence of poor command on the part of Mitchell, but rather a consequence of the lack of forward-thinking on the part of his adversaries. Those who opposed him fought Mitchell’s progressive tips primarily because of having their particular egos bruised by an outspoken head who confirmed them a healthier way, when they cannot find one themselves.

Leaders who also demand improvement notoriously get the wrath of these who have their ideas as insults to the approach they have manage things themselves. Even today, the exceptional command and experienced qualities displayed by Mitchell continue to be preferred. For example , in respect to Kline (1997), “The large, fairly docile police officer corps yearns for a trigger celebre to forge a renewed commitment to airpower, amid each of the promise these colorful phrases portend. Mid-air Force frantically needs a new Mitchell” (p. 71).

Naturally , there is no “new Mitchell” since Billy Mitchell was extraordinary. He was debased, demoted and court marshaled because he was willing to stand for what this individual knew was right. Also in the face of burning off everything he previously worked extremely hard for, Mitchell was not willing to retract his volatile statements against army and navy leaders. He confirmed remarkable valor during the court docket martial that had the whole world listening. Since Miller (2007) so colorfully describes that, “On Wednesday, October 28, 1925, the court-martial of Brig. Style. William “Billy” Mitchell convened in the Emory Building, a facility across from the northwest corner with the U. S i9000. Capitol. In the next two months, the court-martial became the most important media function in the nation, one of the superb trials in Twentieth Hundred years American history” (p. 4).

During individuals two months, Billy Mitchell experienced relentless general public criticism, but he rejected to marginalize his position merely to save himself. This sort of self-sacrifice and fortitude is not only the draw of a authentic leader, although of a authentic hero. This is not to say that Billy Mitchell was perfect, or that his management should be idolized. Even the best of heroes have their faults; their human qualities; all their Achilles heels. Yet non-e of this counters Billy Mitchell’s legendary status as a head ahead of his time. Mitchell’s outspoken and fearless command style, coupled with his instinctual insights fantastic unwavering courage in the face of adversity, all make Billy Mitchell a leader worth sincere and enduring appreciation.


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