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(01) Biomes and Diversity – Extinction is known as a natural selection process. Should human beings strive to protect a representative test of all biomes or marine zones? Why exactly should humans be concerned with the termination rate?

Ignore for the conservation from the earth’s biomes is a good example of how man ignorance and hubris can lead to irreversible environmental destruction. At any particular moment in time, human beings can not be certain that they will know most they will ever before need to know about the environment, about the potential benefits that may be derived from ecological habitats. An ideal workings from the earth’s biomes cannot be realized from the perspective of a demonstrations that is not schooled in technology, biology, ecology, geology, and other natural savoir. In their lack of knowledge or neglect, human beings carry on and rapidly bring devastation and irreversible pollution on the global natural environment. A crucial consideration is the fact humans are not the only living forms around the earth – it does seem to be that our “special case” that may be due to each of our knowledge and intellect gives us, also, additional responsibilities to those additional life varieties. “We must consider the effects of our actions” (“The Planet’s Biomes, 3 years ago, 1). It is necessary to recognize that approximately one particular quarter from the medicines that people use all across the globe are derived from vegetation. The rain forest – among the world’s biomes – major source of these types of plants which have been fundamental to medicine since it is now practiced and as it is practiced in earlier times. Should the jungle be irrevocably destroyed, it could possibly cause a backwards thrust in medical practice that is totally unacceptable by modern standards. Not only will patients always be severely influenced by an failure to obtain treatments that will save you lives and alleviates suffering, but medical researchers would deal with the enormous problem of looking to produce synthetically what is within nature. The truth is that it will not be possible.


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(02) Trends in the Environment – In the eighties a popular environmental slogan was “Reduce, Recycle and Recycle” and now green, ” is a superb message. Consider the Recylable Grocery Hand bags sold in marketplaces everywhere. Exactly what the pros and cons that you see with this latest trend? Offer examples of the actual environmental influence. (01page).

Certainly, thin plastic shopping luggage are a potential form of litter box and air pollution. “The worldwide annual usage of disposable plastic hand bags is somewhere between 500 billion dollars and a trillion – that works out to be around a million bags a minute” (“Green Living Guidelines, 2011). WorldWatch (cited in “Green Living Tips, 2011) argues that it takes 430, 000 gallons of petrol to make 100 , 000, 000 disposable plastic material bags. Although some of the hand bags are recyclable, they often always be downcycled – a process that is certainly limited

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