Brownies is known as a short account showing the

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Brownies is a short story displaying the importance of point-of-view. The racial point-of-view of the young black women in the narrator’s Brownies troop is important as it influences that they interpret and respond to scenarios. Each group member’s point-of-view within the group is also important because it impact on them because leaders, intimidators, followers, allies and independent thinkers. Though “Brownies” could be read as being a simple brief story in regards to a childhood storage, it truly addresses the value of peoples’ points-of-view.

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“Brownies” is a short story about an event that happened at Camp Crescendo if the author was a Brownie. The storyplot certainly belongs in a book chapter known as “Point-of-View” for the reason that story provides us several young black girls’ point-of-view. “The Brownies” is a youngsters organization for grade university girls who are youthful than “Girl Scouts. inches All the ladies in the author’s Brownie Troop are grayscale some of the associates are: Snot, the narrator; Arnetta, who seems to be a great unofficial head of the group who are able to intimidate people in the group; Octavia, who also sometimes edges with Arnetta; Daphne, who is a quiet member of the group; Janice; Drema; and Elise. In that summer at Camp Crescendo, they attained Brownie Troop 909, an all-white troop. Even before that they met the white troop, members from the black troop had a point-of-view about white wines: about a month before camp, Arnetta called someone “Caucasian” as a great insult and from then on, dialling someone or something “Caucasian” made Arnetta, Octavia and members of the black troop laugh (Packer 39). Also, before the episode with Troop 909, the reader knows for least some of the author’s troop feels chaffing or resentment toward Troop 909 mainly because Arnetta insulted Troop 909 the first minute your woman saw these people by expressing they all smelled like “wet Chihuahuas” (Packer 39). Also, even before the supposed event, Octavia manufactured a point of claiming “nobody telephone calls us niggers” (Packer 40). Consequently, could the event, a audience would know that at least some people of the dark-colored troop a new point-of-view of “envy and hatred” toward Troop 909 (Packer 40).

The occurrence happened after the black troop and Troop 909 had been settled in camp in that initially day. Arnetta said the lady heard an associate of Troop 909 contact Daphne a “nigger” (Packer 40). Daphne shrugged and after that reluctantly agreed that it happened after your woman got “a hard look” from Arnetta (Packer 40). Octavia quickly picked up the main cause and even though some members had been reluctant to trust that the slander happened, users of the dark troop became caught up in ditching their adult Brownie leaders and getting revenge intended for the slander. Led simply by Arnetta and Octavia, the black young ladies plan to wait Troop 909 in the bath room, confront these people and combat them. Actually Snot, who was not keen on fighting, joined them the plan since she “felt I was portion of the rest of the troop; like I was defending something” (Packer 47). The group managed to get faraway from their adult leaders and Arnetta and Octavia went into the bathroom after Troop 909; however , they were all surprised to find that Troop 909’s white girls were also “delayed learners” (Packer 49) or “retarded” (Packer 47). Arnetta still wanted to pursue vengeance, first accusing one white-colored girl of calling Daphne “nigger” and after that when it became clear the first white-colored girl experienced trouble speaking and likely did not offend Daphne

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