Caritas Christi Health Care Essay

1 ) Should the Director of Caritas Christi Medical care be terminated? Why?

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Mr. Haddad Care should be terminated if the proper conditions are present for the termination to happen. A proper exploration of the condition should take destination to determine and address the primary factors included. The allegations brought forward by these types of women should be examined on the case by case basis. Once the stability of the witnesses has been set up, then a even more determination may be established.

Knowing the witnesses and their reliability gives the necessary background to establish a case. The company’s policy of progressive discipline states on having the required documentation to proceed having a termination. A written alert and a suspension will need to already have occurred before carrying on with a termination.

If Mister. Haddad already had a created warning, and suspension, then this company will need to proceed to end Mr. Haddad.

There should be no hesitation at this time due to the high level position Mister. Haddad offers with the company. Special treatment should not be a factor.

On the other hand another factor to consider, which is important which is the reason why sexual harassment should be considered over a case by simply case basis, is that in the event that Mr. Haddad alleged behavior goes beyond the scope with the company’s meaning of sexual harassment. The company’s definition of sexual harassment comes with sexually recharged looks and gestures and unnecessary touching, including hugging. If perhaps Mr. Haddad’s behavior choose to go beyond, in a fashion that was construed to be even more aggressive than the company’s definition of sexual nuisance then an instantaneous termination will be warranted.

To make a clear cut determine based upon the facts shown whether Mister. Haddad should immediately always be terminated or not will be a matter for additional study. The important points are premature at best. installment payments on your Why is the handling of sexual nuisance cases deemed complicated? The handling of sexual nuisance cases is considered complicated, because it is based on the credibility with the accuser.

In this particular circumstance depending on the specific circumstances, the credibility and work performance of Mister. Haddad might be examined. This may be important since the allegations may be false, with the intentions of obtaining the employee terminated.

Another reason intimate harassment instances are also hard to handle happens because the interpretation of sexual harassment based upon the perceptions of employees differs from culture to culture and workplace to workplace. Likewise the awareness and recollection of a particular incident might change over time. This is why it is necessary to carry out a thorough analysis as soon as possible. Subjects tend to modify their reports and overstate the story to generate it audio more severe compared to the actual account. This is the reason that the questioning in the victims are done separately to determine the degree of team-work, if there is legitimacy to the story.

To avoid these type of issues, employers prohibit office romances of course, if discovered later is determined being sufficient grounds for termination. 3. Describe in your own words and phrases why consistency in managing sexual harassment claims is very important. When handling sexual nuisance case, it is vital to be consistent to demonstrate to employees there is zero patience for sexual harassment in the workplace. It demonstrates that regardless of what situation you hold in a workplace, if you do something that goes against the guidelines and regulations of the workplace it will be managed in an ideal manner in line with the severity of the incident without having exemption.

Consistency sends an obvious message to the employee considering conducting their self in an inappropriate manner to act consequently to the guidelines. Consistency as well shows that this kind of behavior will be dealt with and that sexual harassment cases will not be swept beneath the rug. Regularity shows workers that the workplace is a decent environment and this everyone will be treated similarly.

By doing so, it creates a productive workplace. In line with the United States Similar Employee Option Commission sex harassment is usually against the law to harass somebody in a sex manner. Lovemaking harassment contains a more wide-ranging view than just sexual.

It could be sexual or offensive, and can be physical or perhaps verbal exhibited. Sexual harassment can be displayed by either a woman or perhaps man and the victim may be of the same sexual intercourse or reverse sex. Generally the lovemaking harassment is seen more often each time a person provides power over another.

The harasser could be anyone with power, such as a manager, co-worker, or customer.

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