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War Of 1812, Challenger Disaster, Ground-breaking War, France Indian War

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Furthermore, while it set up Canada because an independent

nation, it also established America. Being a war above its prior colonizer

America can be said to acquire won the second war of independence. This can be

further shown in considering President Madison’s war message to

Congress. Madison appeals to the “honor” of his country, as though Britain has

violated that and it is Many responsibility to maintain it (Madison

1812). Although the war was fought generally for monetary reasons, the

“honor” Madison is referring to was regained during the conflict as Great

Britain was unable to dominate the United States. Actually the Combined

States did more than a good-job of struggling the Uk. Thus, it appears

that the battle was fought somewhat more than honor, plus the United States

taken care of their exclusive chance in the conflict. This means that the us

established by itself, and its satisfaction, in the war, and this can be regarded

an end result of the conflict.

The conflict of 1812 had quite a few causes, the most important that were

economical in character. The United States, in order to maintain its economic

vitality, was forced to head to war, specifically after the failed attempts to

avoid battle through the embargo. The expansionist reasons for the war had been

more of outcome to engage in war with Britain. Great Britain, because

of its battle with Napoleon in Europe, looked to interrupt economical

interaction between your United States and continental Europe. The way

The uk went concerning this policy, simply by capturing American’s, boarding

their particular ships, and taking vessels close to American shores signifies that there

was obviously a definite lack of respect to get the power, clout, and sovereignty of

their particular former colony and the new nation, the United States. Furthermore

america was establishing itself as a commercial and naval power

and this would be reinforced throughout the war. To Great Britain this is

unacceptable, and also to America, for Great Britain to interfere thus severely

with America’s monetary interests was a problem. Tries to resolve the

conflict peacefully ended in failure as with the embargo, and thus set the

stage to get the Warfare of 1812. The outcome with the war was an actual stalemate

however I think it was a success for the United States. As a fresh nation

the usa established their “honor” and their power against a major

European naval electric power. While there will be no northbound expansion, this kind of

was of little effect to the even more pressing concerns of Many economic

hobbies and economical sovereignty. Ultimately, by stopping the British

objectives, America satisfied their particular as a full sovereign coin nation.


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