Causes of homelessness dissertation

This essay is going to focus on two causes of homelessness, financial concerns and family members issues and illustrate a few effects. To start with, one of the main reasons that people become homeless is monetary problems. Because of this their physical condition will be very vulnerable. The personal personal bankruptcy causes their property to be repossessed, forcing these people leave home and sleep everywhere they can discover. No everlasting house to live, no shield, no foundation, leaving associated with a poor and unpredictable your life. It will be a fantastic danger particularly in winter once many destitute people can occasionally freeze to death.

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Another thing that can impact homeless householder’s health is usually lack of foodstuff. Their economical problems mean that they have only little funds to live on. They do not even have enough cash to buy basic food, not to mention high quality healthy food. The particular cheapest food can be provided which usually offers very low nutrition and is negative quality.

In line with the scientific study we know long-term insufficient intake of nutritious food can cause visitors to have a minimal immune system which makes them prone to disease and can lead them to one other serious problem which can be they do not are able to afford to see doctor.

As a result of financial problem they have to ignore the disease no matter how badly they are suffering. This type behavior can cause many critical consequences because without amounts even a disease like a chilly can be deadly. Although economic difficulty is a common reason for homelessness and contains a serious influence on their physical health, family members issues, just like divorce or perhaps domestic physical violence, is also an important factor that may lead to homelessness, especially between adolescents. Because teenagers have never developed maturity, in this period they need their particular parents’ business and assistance to develop mental health like self-esteem, although homelessness causes them to venture out into society when their very own mental state is still very fragile.

Since humans have evolved into brilliant and mental beings, self-pride has usually played an important role in sustaining peoples’ mental health. Because desolate people’s living condition is very poor, they always seem sloppy and that causes others to be reluctant to talk to all of them. As a result the homeless people feel alone by other folks and experience no one likes you them any more. At first they could become extremely angry, chances are they fell discouraged, and finally they will quit in themselves and cannot feel their value to this world hence they start to see themselves as a burden to thesociety. Through this process their self-esteem turns into lower and lower and ultimately they may undergo severe mental damage.

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