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? COMPETENCY AIM I To determine and maintain a secure, healthy learning environment 1 ) Provide a synopsis of the statutory requirements in your state concerning child maltreatment and disregard (including contact information for the correct agency) and in addition your program’s policy regarding your responsibility to report kid abuse and neglect. 2 . Include the current certificate of completion of a certified pediatric first-aid training course (that includes treatment for blacklisted airway and for providing relief breathing intended for infants and young children). Certification must have been within the past three years.. Use the Internet, the public library, or your program’s professional catalogue to obtain the identity and info for an agency that supplies information on nourishment for children and/or nutrition education for households. 4. Supply a sample of your weekly prepare that includes desired goals for children’s learning and development, quick descriptions of planned learning experiences, and in addition accommodations for children with special needs (whether for children you currently provide or may serve in the future). COMPETENCY GOAL 2 To advance physical and perceptive competence your five.

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Select 4 songs, fingerplays, word games, or poems that you can use in promoting phonological understanding. Describe strategies to promote phonological awareness between children whose home vocabulary is besides English. six. Describe 9 learning experiences for 3-, 4-, and 5-year aged children (3 for 3-year olds, three or more for 4-year olds, several for 5-year olds). Each learning knowledge should showcase physical, intellectual, and creative development. Describe the desired goals, materials, and teaching tactics used. EXPERTISE GOAL 3 To support sociable and emotional development and also to provide confident guidance several.

Provide the games, authors, publishers, copyright schedules, and brief summaries of 10 age-appropriate children’s books that you use for support development of children’s self-concept and self-pride and to support children cope with life difficulties. 8. Use the internet here, the public selection, or the program’s professional library to obtain at least 2 methods designed to support teachers in constructively dealing with children with challenging behaviours (such because aggressive behavior like hitting or biting, or shyness). 9. Provide the identity and contact number of an firm in the community where you work for producing referrals to relatives counseling.

PROFICIENCY GOAL 4 To establish positive and fruitful relationships with families 10. Find out where you should obtain assets, materials, and translation services intended for families whose home vocabulary is apart from English. Supply the agency name and info. 11. Record your program’s policies that specify parents’ responsibilities and what the system does for parents. COMPETENCY OBJECTIVE V To make sure a well-run, purposeful software responsive to participator needs 12. Provide 3 samples of record-keeping forms found in early child years programs. Consist of an accident report, emergency kind, and a 3rd form of your selection.

COMPETENCY OBJECTIVE VI To maintain a determination to professionalism 13. Use the Internet, the public catalogue, or your program’s specialist library to get the name, treat, and contact number of your state’s agency that regulates day care centers and homes. Describe 2 essential requirements associated with your job duties. 14. Assessment the websites of two or several national early on childhood organizations (1 using a local affiliate) to obtain details about membership, their very own resources, as well as how to order. Down load at least 2 assets from the Internet that may enhance your job. 15.

Attain 4 pamphlets or content designed to support parents learn how young children develop and learn. Content must help parents understand development and learning of 3- to 5-year olds. At least 1 article must connect with guidance. 18. Locate an observation device to use in documenting information about children’s behavior. 1 copy must be blank, the other one should be completed as a test of your declaration of an individual child. 18. Obtain info for at least two agencies in the neighborhood that provide resources and companies for children with disabilities.

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