Challenges the company facing when obtaining

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Issues the company facing while obtaining Crossing the Wall approach

Two issues we facing are the bearing tolerances and the liquefier nozzle though all of us succeeded bearing tolerances. The nozzle has proven more difficult and not prepared. Most problems rise as a result of designing of product which has over the wall structure design process, in which two departments does not agree which in turn each other and manufacturing group start producing the design. By last six months time as a small company. We constantly ask suppliers for reviews. As Customer fiercely competitive there is also a side-effect which is manufacture say they earn the things which are not possible in reality. Sometimes the organization decided to manufacture things that is more complex to make and even will take feedback midway from the manufacturer about design. Though Tiko’s development was at trouble to produce so we need to do some major change.

Approach across China and tiawan

To generate it happen founders traveled to China and meet Mike who signed up with this company in China after being presently there for six months. After a stressful schedule we had met with suppliers.

Business meetings in China

We visited CNC machining manufacturer who also develops liquefier nozzle. When meeting that they had a bag and discussion, All the primary person pertaining to the project attends that meeting, this company also will serve contract improve medical products companies and the Chinese armed service so that they know about small parts, Titanium. Within the week they will result in successful work in halftime than that usually takes.

Much more than the tour

To fulfill with suppliers, they had the tour around many countries, they looked into factories wherever wired built, parts shaped and they saw Tiko’s electrical filament tray which is huge which can be operated by simply ladder. Tiko chambers are as big as they get hours to heat and operate. Mike has worked so difficult and offers cubical.

To a stand with know-how

After coming back to Canada we learned that manufacturing is difficult, then demanding to make that done. Coming to CNC and exploring the method it works 2 weeks . great experience. We had demanded to do operate days rather than week as well as they did very well as the filament tray mold appears crazy-complicated factor by needing time more than a month. The extrusion organization had to design and style and build their own just to slice our framework to the proper tolerance for suitable off-the-shelf solutions. After seeing those performs we were embarrassed about the burden we put on the manufacturer to develop these parts. Most of the tools were completed exceptionally well and excessive standard quality, yet we must focus on remaining challenges.

Next thing

Robert has come back to Canada and here Matt and Sharon consider responsibilities and therefore are overseeing production until just about every tiko transported. As Matt is developer of Tiko and CEO he will obtain and test parts, examine and do an excellent check. When Sharon is CFO did some hard work with foreign banking conversation with dealer improved a lot and we are able to do transactions in hours.


Because mike is Canada carrying out operations by headquarters, extremely he performs to organize source chain and RD works. We had increased many aspects of Tiko as confirm tolerances, optimize/debug application and firmware, improve the cutting engines variables, etc .

Delivery period

RTM the final liquefier related component, it requires 40 sixty days before Tiko’s shipping start off, as we acquired less time kept before Chinese New Year. Our company is not able to deal with the liquefier problem although we are positive that we can ship before New Year. We also agreed to compensate level for the delay also getting carried out supplies along the time.

To pavilion

Majority of Tiko component have been RTMed, we all still left having a lot act as liquefier, assembly process and quality check program and want one to know that were stepping ahead with all the electric power and at the best. We accustomed to demand within the wall but now we are better than before. The challenges will be immense, yet together, we can accomplish anything.

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