Character of malvolio in twelfth night time essay

In William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Evening we encounter a number of interesting

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characters. The character I found being most interesting and most not the same as the

others was Malvolio.

Malvolio is the servant of Olivia. Although he is one of the servant category, he

believes highly that he is better than the individuals that he serves. Malvolio often

takes that upon him self to try to willpower others when ever Olivia can be not around. For example

he possibly takes it upon him self to discipline Sir Toby, his interpersonal superior. Malvolio

appears to be a dedicated employee. Most of the time Olivia seems to prefer the solemn

dignity with which he conducts his duties, however , others find him arrogant and

view him as an adversary.

Malvolio, like Rosalind in As you may Like It is at disguise. He pretends to become

Puritan. He dresses in grayscale never a laugh. Throughout the film we under no circumstances see a

smile in the face. This kind of however , is only a disguise that this individual assumes, that allows him to

criticize others. Under his black garments, is situated a center filled with pride. He often

daydreams that Olivia will get married to him and as a result he will turn into her equal. He

imagines him self wearing excellent clothes and jewellery. He would then simply have command word of the

household, and he would then be able to get revenge on those who haven’t cured him


I believe it is ironic that Malvolio is far more successful in fooling him self than he’s at

deceiving others. The additional members of the household look out of Malvolio’s

hypocritical nature. Even Olivia, who seems to value Malvolio as a servant, says he could be

“sick of home love, Action 1, Landscape I, collection 92). Although others is able to see through him

Malvolio fools himself completely. Maria says, he believes that “all that look upon him

love him(Act II, south carolina. iii, l. 152). He can sure that a lot of accident of luck provides caused a man as

fine since him being born a servant rather than master. He believes that fortune will

at some point correct that mistake. Malvolios self lies makes him the perfect focus on for

Maria and Sir Tobys joke. Marias letter is merely able to persuade him that Olivia enjoys

him because that is what this individual wants to consider. When the page tells him to act happy and

haughty, that only gives him authorization to show how he currently feels. His own take great pride in

triggers him to do something as foolishly as he will. Malvolios genuine downfall yet , is not really caused

by foolishness. Nearly every person in this perform is foolish at one time or another. Unlike the

others, however , Malvolio simply cannot chuckle at himself, cannot

recognize his faults. Therefore , he does not have part inside the healing that happens at the end from the

enjoy. While the others are all laughing at themselves and forgiving each other, Malvolio

clings to his anger. If he makes his final exit, he promises to take payback on


In Conclusion, via viewing the play I had formed a better understanding of the plan. I

did on the other hand notice the moment trying to the actual movie while using play alone, that it was a little

away. They 1st scene in the play is usually not served until 10 minutes into the movie. In the

start of the play I actually felt like I was watching a remake of Titanic mainly because everyone was

jumping into this particular. I likewise noticed that when i understood the purpose of Viola’s

disguise, the girl didn’t seem too assertive to me. I believed the power have difficulty between

Malvolio and Sir Toby was very entertaining. It absolutely was portrayed within a light, cheap manner.

Overall the film wasn’t too bad to observe and I thought Helene Bonham Carter was

fantastic in her role while Olivia.

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