Character research the deeper face of the globe


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The Deeper Face of the The planetby simply Rita Ove is chosen to be the focal point of this analysis which specified in two characters”Alexander and Amalia Jennings LaFarge. There are some unsimilarity between Alexander and Amalia Jennings LaFarge in the features and their location of social category. The aims of the analysis should be place, explain and analyze attitudes, signals, and traits of Alexander and Amalia Jennings LaFarge. The copy writer uses descriptive as the strategy of this evaluation and does apply New Criticism theory to assess the features of those character primarily based from the perform. New Critique theory requires a close examining and examines anything that required to this examination merely centered from the text message in the book of the play. The consequence results show that there are alone features found within Alexander and Amalia Jennings LaFarge such as religious, attention, intelligent, and so forth. These kinds of characters called as Alexander and Amalia Jennings LaFarge played by writer their self and this evaluation hopefully aid the writer besides the readers to do better apprehension in each heroes and makes grasp from the histrion to these characters.

Keywords: Fictional heroes, Characteristics, New Criticism, Drama


Books is a masterpiece of design that is stated in terms. Literary function may keep the same components with other plant life of skill, but every single work of art offers alone personality and particular significance. Literary plants happen to be grouped in to four classs or types. Literary crops have several types which can be narrative, play, poesy, and prose ( Roberts, 1983: 54 ). The copy writer choses enjoy that is set to be played on the phase. As one sort of literature, perform is a only class, “The narrative in a play told like a mature male speaks to another and interactions among characters dynamic unlike books and poesy where only the writer tells the narrative. The characters in the play are variant just like the characters happen to be non at any time human although animate beings or objects can besides be used as being a character. All this depends on the wants of the freelance writers want to work with ( Iwuchukwu, 2008: 46 ). Figure makes enjoy become in. Fictional character types in the fictional plants express the head, talk and man behaviour generally speaking through dialogue and function with all the signifiers of interaction between characters that exist in that perform ( Roberts, 1988: sixty four ).

This analysis talks about the enjoy of Rita Dove permittedThe Darker Encounter from the Earthwhich known as one of Dove’s celebrated enjoy and got inspired from the fantasy ofOedipusas observed in the have difficulty that has related with the narrative of the Ancient greek MythOedipus.The Darker Encounter from the Earthpublished in 1994 and premiered on the Oregon William shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon in 1996. This enjoy besides later on produced at the Kennedy Middle in Washington, D. C., the hoheitsvoll National Cinema in London and many other spots ( Oakes 110 ).The Darker Encounter from the Earthreflects the struggles that occur in the 17th century, a pre-civil war epoch, where bondage and poorness dominate in which clip. The writer chooses this perform because there are many characters found and each personality has different traits. This assorted attributes make this perform go more complicated and interestingly to be talk about. The writer merely focuses on Alexander and Amalia Jennings LaFarge because these personas are performed by the article writer on a staging play for drama category in English language Department.


This part intends to analyse the characters from the playThe Darker Face of the Globeobtain downing from your word picture of Alexander so the major character, Amalia Jennings LaFarge. The writer gives brief account of each character that mentioned above and adds figure analysis worksheet in order to do readers easier to figure out. The theory that used in this kind of analysis is usually New Critique. This theory is one among literary problems which is normally used to construe the significance of a literary work ( Tyson 136 ). Every details are acquire from the formal elements of this play, which is the word photo of character types that presented from their duologues and their signals information. These kinds of word photographs support the writer to talk about the subject of this kind of play.

  1. Alexander Characterization


Fictional figure Name: Black lovage

ACTOR Name: Capritia Dirgantari

1 . CHARACTER Era: In début: 40 aged ages old ( web page 1889 )

In act I and II: 70 old ages old ( page 1897 )

installment payments on your PHYSICAL FEATURES

Skin tone: Dark-colored, a dog ( 1895 )

3. Occupation: A slave on Jennings Plantation ( site 1887 )

4. Characteristic: a-? Firm ( site 1889 )

a-? Religious ( page 1889, 1894, 1943-1946 )

a-? Sensible ( webpage 1889 )

a-? Understanding ( page 1898 )

a-? Attention ( site 1903, 1904, 1944 )

a-? Interact socially ( web page 1889, 1903, 1904, 1911, 1932, 1933, 1943-1946 ), the copy writer found that Alexander received conversation with another slaves on Jennings Plantation in some scenes.

ikke-? Protective ( page 1903, 1904 ), the writer found that Alexander truly does non such as the fledgling, Augustus because he appears to be a outrageous nigga and Alexander started to surmise Augustus. Black lovage shows his disfavor by simply did non speak too much much to Augustus and quipped him in webpage 1944.

five. Interest: The writer do non happen any stand out of his involvements because with this play he describes little grounds of what are his involvements. Structured from his traits, the writer proves that his involvement is to maintain different slaves save ( webpage 1903 ) and quit from his drilling everyday life as a servant ( webpage 1911 ).

6. Desire: The article writer did non happen any of his dreams because there is simply no clear reasons that Alexander articulation to assail Paillette and Amalia.

The writer found several and likeness to Alexander’s traits. Different trait is definitely comparing to Alexander’s protecting trait. To get the article writer herself, this wounderful woman has no hesitant to fresh comer because she considers that new comer provides a alone word picture being discovered quickly. The copy writer is a mature female, therefore there are some difficulties in showing the actions and modulation of Alexander. The article writer thinks that Alexander features similar attributes in self esteem and socialize. Even if Alexander a slave, he still presents a great mid-fortiess mature male should move. Dark lovage shows his function as the oldest servant in this perform to patient and guarding younger slaves. It is similar with the writer that she is the most ancient adult feminine between her folks. To generate a better relationship with everybody, the writer agreed with Alexander. Alexander maintain interact socially with everybody particularly with all the colleagues. At this time same attribute, the article writer feel supported and can easy conceive of how the writer should approach when showing in perform.

  1. Amalia Jennings LaFarge Portrayal


Imaginary character Identity: Amalia Jennings LaFarge

ACTOR Name: Capritia Dirgantari

1 ) CHARACTER Era: In sexual act: Close to twenty old ages old ( page 1889 )

In act I and 2: 40 old ages aged ( site 1897 )


Complexion: White ( page 1889 )

several. Occupation: Owner of Jennings Plantation ( page 90, 1902 )

4. Attribute: a-? Desirable ( webpage 1889, 1913, 1937 ), other characters besides express that she’s attractive, just like when Hector reveals his feeling toward Amalia in page 1913 and 1937.

a-? Clever ( page 1889, 1923, 1939 )

a-? Steady ( webpage 1890, 1891, 1893, 1902, 1942 )

a-? Bossy ( web page 1901, 1920, 1950 )

a-? Care ( webpage 1891, 1896, 1921 ), the copy writer found that Amalia did non desire to be like her male father or mother who raise his child wrongly”in this kind of instance, Amalia is a distinct Southern Superbe.

a-? Free-spoken ( page 1891, 1919, 1920, the year of 1924, 1949 )

a-? Undervalue ( site 1890, 1892, 1895, 1920 ), the writer located that Amalia underestimates to a few characters, such as Louis ( page 90 ) and Augustus ( page 1920 ).

ikke-? Manipulative ( page 90, 1896, 1941, 1954 ), the copy writer found that Amalia feign to be good many times in forepart of anyone to hide her accurate feelings, it presented in her gestures and her conversations.

ikke-? Flirty ( page 1892, 1893, 1925, 1943 )

a-? Hazard taker ( page 1892, 1895, 1926, 1956 )

5. Curiosity: Story-telling ( page 1920-1925 )

6. Ambition: The writer presumes that Amalia has desire in occurring her real love, harmonizing as to the Amalia have got done”she will take hazards by holding subject with slaves.

The writer thinks there is a different characteristic when comparing with Amalia’s straight-forward trait. Pertaining to the copy writer herself, she feels uncomfortable when stating a thing bluffly to other people. The writer assumes that Amalia is a romp so there is no problem once moving as her for the phase. The writer feels accord with Amalia’s consistence. This similarity makes the writer ( bufon ) feels encouraged to play this character. The article writer plays Amalia on Work II in the last scene. It is when Amalia eventually understand that it is almost all her oversight and destroy herself in forepart of Augustus, and this action makes the writer interested to move every bit good as it can be. The writer thinks that Amalia’s variant traits happen to be interesting to get present in phase.


Conclusion expects to follow in the consequence on this analysis. Fresh Criticism theory that is used to analyse playThe Darker Encounter from the Earthis capable in uncovering how a formal factors, in this instance the word picture getting used as a support to understand the subject of this play. The subject of this kind of play is usually “someone demands to deal with to accomplish his or her life-time desire by taking any kind of risks. The writer found that also Alexander is the minor persona, he still has of transfer function to nowadayss that slaves require their liberty and slaves are individual excessively. And then for Amalia Jennings LaFarge, the girl with a strong persona that has a genuinely of import function in this play since she is the 1 who start the struggle by simply holding subject with slaves and the girl with the one particular who choosing the struggle by self-destruction. The writer concluded that just about every character has their ain function to back up the plot line and the subject matter of this enjoy.


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