College Expectation Essay

I felt scared regarding moving to college, university or perhaps away from home the first time. From a small community in the province to a town with a populace of less than 2 mil, everything transformed.

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I came to college and had no idea what to expect. When I came into the school I possess chosen, this seemed like I had been in a new world with people I really do not find out. I strolled around the grounds and seemed I was this lost tiny freshman.

FEU was not my 1st decision actually. I just had no choice. But my tito said, it is usually not which usually school that matters, it is in you should you will study hard enough to be joyful in life.

He was proper, so I have to love the college I are destined to study at. College life is different from senior high school. I predicted it to be harder. Well, my expectation was proper.

Everything can be harder. My first semester here at college, I can claim was a wake-up call. I had formed to learn to be very self-employed. I have hardly ever known what it was like being that independent before. I’ve learned that I actually am capable of a large amount of things which i never thought I was previously.

My expectations for attending college: To acquire a good education that will help me personally to obtain my wish job. To find out to be independent and to live on my own. To meet new people.

In order to take care of me.

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