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PECS and Autism


Comparability and Compare: Picture Exchange Communication System

Autism is a developmental disorder of connection skills, caused by abnormalities inside the brain or perhaps nervous program. Symptoms generally surface in the first three years of your life. Treatments happen to be in the form of picture communication systems, medication , weight loss plans and interpersonal interaction. The most effective appears to be the PECS, which usually treats in six stages. It has pros and cons to consider.

Autism and Treatments

Autism is a developmental disorder inside the brain and communication abilities (Kaneshiro Zieve, 2012). The causes of this physical abnormality remain unknown, though genetic elements seem important. Language abnormalities among the family of autistic children are a common observation. Chromosomal and worried system abnormalities have also been seen. Autism turns into evident in the initial 3 years of life. Many autistic kids have difficulty in pretending enjoy, social connections, and spoken and non-verbal communication (Kaneshiro Zieve).

Effective treatment is focused on the kid’s specific demands (Kaneishiro Zieve

2012). Techniques include applied behavior evaluation or ABA, Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related Interaction Handicapped Children or TEACCH, medications, diet plan, occupational remedy, physical therapy and speech-language remedy. Visual aids are also located to be useful (Kaneishiro Zieve). Alternative approaches have also been designed, such as the Picture Exchange Conversation System.


This is a great augmentative and alternative communication or AAC, which uses images rather than speech connection techniques, for the purpose of helping autistic children speak (Prontes, 2012; PEC, 2012). The child hands a picture into a communication spouse or teacher for the represented item. It provides the kid with a efficient outlet of expressing what he normally conveys by simply speaking. It can be used with a kid as early as two years old in helping him trigger conversation and express his needs to others. The observation is that the kid’s condition has a tendency to lessen while his capability to communicate improves. Using this program allows the child to talk about what you should which the child is already uncovered in his actual environment. Because an ABA approach, PECS enables very careful monitoring and positive strengthening techniques necessary in educating behavioral methods and procedures (Prontes, PEC).

Six Levels

The initially phase initiates the connection process (Prontes, 2012; PEC, 2012). The child is triggered choose a picture on the table and move it to the partner or teacher’s hand in in an attempt to obtain the symbolized item. The teacher’s physical guidance ceases. The second phase shows distance and persistence. A communication book is shown to the child with a picture on the cover. He discovers it and brings to the partner or perhaps teacher in exchange for some of the object. The third phase differentiates between photographs or signs. The child is usually shown a picture of his selected item and a second picture of a non-preferred object. This individual exchanges the images and gets the corresponding genuine object. In the event that he chooses his preferred item, this individual receives an animated cultural reinforcement. But if he exchanges this using a non-preferred item, an error static correction sequence comes up. If he distinguishes between the items, messages checks are manufactured assure that his choice corresponds to his decision. Multiple wanted items are presented, thereby elevating the number of photographs presented for the child. The fourth phase commences using syntax with a new aesthetic “I wish, ” meant to teach paragraphs to the child. A sentence strip is put on the cover of the communication book. The kid is triggered place the “I want” remove on the picture of the item or target he desires, remove then exchange the strip. The partner or perhaps teacher shows the strip to the kid and states the expression to him. Then the child is given you see, the desired item. The fifth phase answers direct questions, such as “what do you want? inch The child is usually taught how to answer these questions. And the sixth and last stage aims at building the capability to comment. The child

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