Comparison of the Chinese and American Cultures Essay

In line with the Merriam-Webster dictionary, culture is described as “the included pattern of human expertise, belief and behavior that depends upon the capacity for learning and transmitting knowledge to succeeding generations. ” Tradition is an element all groups of humans have and even though it is an aspect our species shares, the expected differences generate it appear like we are of various species! Traditions is something that both attaches and sets apart us. Lifestyle is a thing distinct enough to create barriers among us, just like: linguistic obstacles and behavioral barriers. And this is especially viewed between the American and Chinese cultures.

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Lake Town, by simply Peter Hessler, is a non-fiction novel that depicts Peter’s experiences as being a Peace Corps volunteer in Fuling, China and tiawan. He was brought to Fuling (a poor town on the financial institutions of the Yangtze River) in 1996 and taught English language and American literature for two years by a instructors college. This novel, in reading, appears more of a journal and thus, his writing of China puts the people great experiences on the more personal level. He describes, with immense fine detail, his findings of the social, political and cultural concerns of Chinese suppliers and his encounter as a waiguoren (foreigner).

At his entrance, the people in the teachers college or university showered him and his other Peace Corps volunteer numerous gifts and did everything they could to make all of them feel comfortable and welcome. Nevertheless , alternately, anytime Peter could walk outside the campus in the school, the people would stare and gawk at him and scream, “outsider! ” and “hello” out of curiosity and their own leisure. This produced him commit a large part of his day time solely to learning Chinese. As he turns into more experienced in Chinese, this individual develops relationships and links and begins to feel more accepted.

This individual talks about the troubled great China: the struggles of land reform, decades of misguided economical policies and particularly the harmful effects of the Cultural Wave. Peter usually spends a good deal discussing the, then, upcoming project with the Three Encolure Dam, which has an enormous, detrimental effect in the people. The project will require countless villagers to become displaced and may destroy hundreds of years worth of meaningful background. The author gives a very stunning illustration of the beautiful surroundings, history and the people he satisfies. He as well portrays the, especially personal, perspectives from the Chinese quite well through listening to advice from his college students and educators.

According to Francis Hsu, the two sets of contrasts are: individual-centered versus situation-centered and the prominence of thoughts versus the underplay of all issues regarding the heart. He assumed Americans are involved only of themselves and act in respect to what would be beneficial to them, and that the Chinese acted according to the situation in front of you. The Chinese avoid immediate confrontation, open criticism and controversial issues to maintain harmony. “In America, he observed the sightless, often excessive pursuit of self-sufficiency and the inherent, permanent lack of stability of human relationships as the main cause of a large number of intractable interpersonal ills, which include crime, ethnic discord, and the sale of affect in federal government.

In China, he observed the traditional filter focus on kinship based associations had made their world unable to successfully counter Western colonialism, common poverty and famine, and in many cases the practice of ft . binding of ladies. ” (Tong 2001) Taking care of of the book that really interested me was your education system and different cultural differences of how education can be looked upon. Available, the students most had the same thoughts on nearly every issue and others opinions would be unwavering. Nevertheless , “Perhaps by my requirements they were noteworthy brainwashed, nevertheless compared to the past they were remarkably free. ” (Hessler 2001: 23) They might also speak indirectly to Hessler; often times via their very own journals.

Not merely is the learning environment in China extremely competitive and demanding, but expectations will be high of pupils, forcing them to simply learn to achieve the best grade likely. Also, Oriental students don�t have electives they can choose from, they are assigned classes that finest correspond to their very own scores in tests. While in America, individualism and self-expression if looked high after. Thus, in the usa, the individual student’s abilities and skills determine where they go in the future, and in China and tiawan, what world or all their parents desire determines where they go. This is exactly what Francis Hsu talked about.

I believe Peter Hessler was relatively objective in his journaling. Anytime he raised thoughts or perhaps opinions of his learners or any in the Fuling people, he in brief gave the history and history of them and so we can figure out where they may be coming from. Nevertheless , there were a few times where you could perception his extreme bias, yet this was never fully apparent in his producing. The difference among American and Chinese homes reflects the contrasting patterns of behavior in the family members.

In the US, youngsters are highly regarded, cared for and have privilege, so far as to acquire laws and regulations protecting them. In China, youngsters are taken for granted and still have little to no cause to expect security. Pediatrics has not been a subset of medicine in China right up until just just lately.

In America, precisely what is important is actually parents have to do for their father and mother; in Cina, what is important is what the children should do for their parents. This really is a major reason why Chinese college students are so focused on getting the finest grades, for them to get a good work and take care of their particular elders. This is the basis to get Filial Piety (virtue of respect intended for one’s parents and ancestors). American learners focus on what is best for them and will generally move out your house at age 18 with no regard to taking care of their parents.

Another big difference between the two cultures can be social human relationships. The China have formal, hierarchal human relationships in which that they feel very comfortable knowing their very own position. People in the usa have relaxed, egalitarian relationships in which they will feel very comfortable among their equals and sociable ranking is definitely not important.

Ironically nevertheless , the China tend to have some, very close close friends to whom they will feel obliged to when it comes to helping these people; Americans generally have numerous “friends” and friends that alterations over time and whom they feel zero obligations.

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