Coulomb s law dissertation


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Performing this experimentation will permit one to check out the relationship quantitative relationship involving the electrostatic force and the distance between incurred objects. First a merely observation was made of the power forces about two pieces of tape taking note of their appeal and repulsion. This same phenomenon was noticed in the experimentation of two charged spheres. Furthermore the we utilized this experimentation to determine the magnitude of the power force among charged objects through baseball video analysis. Derived from our data we now have resulted the forced behaving is dependent upon the length for the forces to behave at an dramatical rate of.



We will be aware coulombs law by noticing examination of forces in static equilibrium to look for the magnitude with the electrical pressure between recharged objects.


Using the Logger Pro all of us track the electrostatic pressure between two charged spheres and the magnitude generated by repulsion.


Data had not been signed although sent to Doctor Wijesinghe upon completion in lab with analysis of results discovered.

Summary sent was agreed to by all laboratory members.


In the data gather we noticed that the pressure generated raises exponentially by rate of 0. 04microcoulombs. The intial data was going to dissect the distance the spheres moved because of the causes acting after them in by allowing X to be the hanging ball and X2 to be the probing sphere in a distance discipline in of 1m. To calculate this kind of value this equations had been used: Fe=Kq1xq2/r2

Abs(X)-Abs(X2)= CC

Fe=mg sin‚




The force will probably be dependent upon the sizes of the charges, and the separation. In reality the power follows a great inverse sq law, and is also very similar in form to Newton’s Legislation of Widespread Gravitation. It can be known as Coulomb’s law. The form is exactly the same as Newton’s law of general gravitation; especially, it is an inverse-square law. This kind of force could be attractive or perhaps repulsive.

The magnitude of the force can be calculated by this equation, as well as the direction must be obvious from the signs of the interacting expenses. (Actually, if you include the indications of the charges inside the equation, in that case whenever you obtain a negative answer for the force, there is an appeal, whereas an optimistic answer indicates repulsion). Although the law is definitely formulated for point costs, it works equally well pertaining to spherically symmetrical charge droit. In the case of a sphere of charge, computations are done if, perhaps all the demand is at the centre with the sphere. In most realistic situations, the electrical force between 2 fees objects completely dwarfs the gravitational pressure between them.


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