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(Radhakrishnan, 1953)

The Indian deity also preoccupied himself with creating many famously the Ganges.

The Chinese tale too has signs of Cina (specifically the turtle) (“She used the molten ordinary to plot the gaps in the sky, and she applied the four legs of the giant turtle to support the sky again” (Walls Surfaces, 1984) Apart from which, be aware that all titles of gods are typically Chinese.

The serves of the Creation generated an entire world which has a host of nations and geographical environments. Each one of the narrative accounts however give attention to a sliver of terrain, usually the land occupied by the writer / experts of the story.

The author’s purpose in centering in and centering the tale about one particular country might simply reflect the fact that for simple people created, living, and dying on one specific element of earth, it was all they knew. For individuals in those days, the earth was their country, and the country was the world. It had been all that they knew. That they didn’t have the advanced technology that we have to travel around or find greater elements of the world. They may have well-known their nearby nations at best, or countries that they experienced on their fairly limited trips. This was still, however , in a circumscribed very limited perimeter of geographical space. Creation common myths, therefore , concentrated almost totally on their land.


Each country a new similar story on creation of the world yet analysis of those narratives displays us that almost always creation of the world dedicated to creation of one small plot of land, almost always their own nation. To get ancient people, the world generally was their own country. That (and all their neighboring countries) was most they knew. It was the focus of their living. It therefore made sense the Deity was preoccupied with the birth.


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