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dangers of teenage cigarette smoking. Specifically, it can look at just how teenagers commence smoking, and what can be done to help them quit.


The hazards of smoking are well-known and documented. In 1992, more than 400, 1000 people died from problems from cigarette smoking each year, which include lung and throat cancers, stroke, and heart disease. The phone number today is usually even higher. Additionally , several studies have also shown that starting to smoke as a young adult has the potential to permanently harm lung tissues.

A study printed in the Log of the Nationwide Cancer Commence has shown that smoking in the teenage years causes dramatic and ongoing DNA harm in the lung area. In fact , the young smokers could be in a completely higher risk of developing chest cancer, whether or not they afterwards quit (Editors).

Teenagers get started smoking for any variety of reasons, including expert pressure and a determined effort simply by advertisers to obtain and keep young smokers. Perhaps the biggest threat to young people taking into consideration smoking is usually peer pressure, which can be significant. Some young adults consider it “cool” to smoke cigarettes; others think it makes it look elderly or more sophisticated. “They begin smoking because they think it will give them a better image just like being cooler, more attractive, or maybe more popular. Because of their low self-image, they have no the self confidence to ‘say no’ when a cigarette exists to them” (Breznicky ain. al. ).

Another element in pressure to smoke is actually the parents smoke cigarettes. Children of smokers are usually more apt to smoke than children of parents who tend not to smoke.

In respect to this pregnancy, parent drug-prone personality characteristics are related to difficulty in the parent-child connection; that regards, in turn, can be associated with the youngster’s developing attributes conducive to drug employ. Drug-prone persona characteristics will be associated with picking friends who use medicines, which, consequently, is related to the youngster’s cigarettes use

Stream 173).

Cigarette advertising also puts pressure on fresh smokers. Advertisements depict smoking as amazing, something young adults need to do to fit in. Cigarette manufacturers, whether they admit it or not, will be dependent on new generations of smokers while older smokers quit or die resulting from their cigarette smoking. Although advertising geared specifically to teens continues to be curtailed in the past few years, “Joe Camel” and his cohorts still force millions of the younger generation to try smoking yearly.

Added to this pressure is the go up of young people smoking in popular movies. A recent examine of adored films with popular actors by the log “Tobacco Control, ” “Found that 65% smoked upon screen at least once and 42% portrayed cigarette smoking as an essential character attribute in one or maybe more films. Three film celebrities – Leonardo DiCaprio, Sharon Stone and John Travolta – smoked cigarettes in three or more films” (Boseley).

For the reason that nicotine a part of cigarettes is an addictive drug, the majority of smokers believe it is extremely challenging to give up smoking. “Most smokers smoke out of habit. Once the habit can be ended, many of smoking’s most harmful effects decline alternatively quickly” (Douglas 49). Stopping smoking can substantially decrease the risk of diseases related to smoking, and it can consider as little as five years pertaining to the effects put on off as well as the body go back to normal.

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