Dark Dreams Essay

In the book Dark Dreams page 47 “The Ocean to Freedom: The Story of Nga-Huynh Diep” (by Gracia Diep, outdated 15), this tell us the way the Vietnamese were treated. This says the communist get-togethers were to come and remove everything that was precious in Vietnam from the people. The Vietnamese were forced to live without any independence either underneath the tough oversight of the communism party or in a re-education camp.

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It also says that the just happiness these folks have was hope of escaping the country to have an additional chance in freedom in another land. From this story Nga-Huynh’s family endangered their lives to escape Vietnam and she was only twenty-one years old. They had an psychological and a painful journey.

The only method to travel to Sydney was by boat and they had to follow the smugglers. The smugglers not merely let her family travel and leisure by fishing boat but also other family members as well. So that it was high-risk.

The boat may sink and they’ll run out of food. Nga-Huynh sacrificed a whole lot for a possibility at independence and has come out retaining her strong character. That says which the experiences of her break free from Vietnam haven’t fragile her they have made her into an even stronger person. Anyways she’s now happily married, working girl with two daughters.

She also lives in Melbourne and finds life nationwide very pleasant and even would call it her “home. ” However she’d like to resume Vietnam and discover what provides happened to the country seeing that she kept it in 1979.

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