David brooks one nation small divisible

Creeks discussed the differences between the two groups. He described just how “Red America” was made up of farmers and rural residential areas, while “Blue America” consisted of big cities with many retailers and businesses. As Creeks looked at the red and blue parts of the electoral map, he was interested in the causes behind the voting habits. He chose two urban centers to represent both of these sections: Franklin County in Pennsylvania to get “Red America”, and Montgomery County in Maryland intended for “Blue America”. He lived in Montgomery region and spent time chatting with different persons in Franklin county.

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Creeks began to appearance deeper at the reasons for right after between the two groups and wondered in the event America was actually a combined nation any more.

The 1st reason that Brooke regarded was economics. He examined his theory that the wealthy and the poor have segregated. The green states had higher incomes, higher end stores, and careers. Brooks asked people in the event they arranged that cash was� what had divided the U.

S. Even though most people avarice with that affirmation, most would not consider themselves the people with significantly less, and it absolutely was the ones with less that seemed more content with what they had. As he spent a growing number of time with all the people, this individual found that it was really certainly not money that split the nation..

The next thought he had was religion. He found that the percentage of people involved in religion was bigger in reddish states. There have been more chapels in Franklin, and more people attended a weekly religious service. In spite of these stats, Brooks once again found it was not religion. He identified there were still “bad people” and problems in the two cities. Certainly there were variations, but the variations didn’t seem to be enough to divide the country.

The final speculation Brooks ove into was self. Brooks saw that in “Red America” there were less striving to be exclusive and impress others. Humbleness was far more prevalent in the red states, while people in the blue states tended to position a larger concentrate on self. Brooke’s decided that this was a huge difference, but not not too young to be the basis for division.

After looking at all of these thoughts, Creeks concluded that the U. S i9000. is not divided, yet instead it is a “Cafeteria Nation. ” Creeks said that later their own group to hang out with, exactly like what you would get in a school cafeteria. There could be differences between people, but also in the end each of them come together as being a nation to aid each other in times of trouble. Creeks used the example of 9/11, to demonstrate this principle then concluded that the nation was not and is not really divided in the end.


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