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6. Go through your essential statement webpage aloud. Clarify whether you liked or perhaps disliked the book. Also, explain in the event you would suggest the book to peers. SPRINGBOARD “CORNELL NOTES” FORMATTING Standard inquiries: Part My spouse and i 1) That is involved? (Characterization) 2) So what happened in the passageway? (Plot development) 3) Once did the event(s) happen? (time/setting) 4) Where would the event(s) happen? (Place/setting) 5) How did the poker site seizures or activities affect heroes? (cause/affect, compare/contrast) 6) For what reason did personas act as they did? (Making inference, character motives) Secondary queries: Part II.

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1) Vocabulary: Write two unknown words, meanings, and publication sentences via passage. 2) Comparison: Explain how author compared points. 3) Compare: Explain how author described things in another way. 4) Conflict(s): Explain difficulty, disagreement, controversy. 5) Inference: What can you consider about passage? 6) Author’s purpose: Make clear in a basic paragraph (5 sentences) so why you think the writer wrote passageway. 7) Self-Reflection: Write a fundamental paragraph (5 sentences) outlining why you liked/disliked passageway or just how it afflicted you.

8) Summarize: Write a basic passage (5 sentences)explaining-who, what, once, where, how, and so why about the passage.

Basic 1 paragraph format-first write 1 . Topic phrase: My favorite food is lasagna. 2 . Support detail 1: Pizza contains a unique preference. 3. Support detail two: Each french fries has many elements. 4. Support detail three:

There are many types of lasagna. 5. Conclusion: I desired I had a slice of pizza right now! Basic 1 paragraph-revised 1 ) Topic word: When I consider food, the best food is often on my mind. That’s pizzas. 2 . Support detail one: Pizza has unique likes. Most are Spicy. Some are gentle. And a few are bland. several.

Support details two: Every single pizza has its own ingredients. 3 ingredients I really like best will be goat parmesan cheese, aged salami, and pickled anchovies. 4. Support detail three: There are many types of pizza. Recently I consumed a three dairy products pizza. Today I will eat a meat- enthusiasts with large European pepperoni, German salami, and Italian sausage. Later on, I will consume a pizza jointly kind of element on it. 6. Conclusion sentence in your essay: I wanted I had a slice of hot french fries no Advanced one paragraph-first write 1 . Introductory sentence in your essay: Food is important to maintain a sound body and brain. 2 . Key idea phrase: One of my personal favorite foods is definitely pizza.

a few. Support depth one: One reason why I really like pizza is because of the many types of pizza. 4. Support details two: One more why I enjoy pizza is because of the ingredients. your five. Support details three: French fries is my personal number one meals because of its flavor. 6. Support detail several: I can’t think of a much better comfort food. 7. Summary: Lastly, I actually can’t think about a day with out a slice of tasty french fries. Advanced paragraph-revised 1 . Initial sentence: Food is a vital requirement to keep up a healthy body, head, and heart and soul. I guess for this reason they say, “An apple each day keeps the doctor away. ” 2 .

Primary idea phrase: I consume a variety of food each day, although my favorite foodstuff is pizza. I would consume it every day. 3. Support detail one particular: One reason I love pizza is because of the various kinds of pizza. Three of favorites will be three parmesan cheese pizza, meat-lovers, and the combo-supreme. 4. Support detail two: Another reason so why I love french fries is because of the ingredients. I wager you have previously guessed that we love pizzas that is packed with cheese, salami, Pepperoni, tomato plants, lettuce, onions, anchovies, and tomato sauce. In fact , I love just about anything over a pizza. five. Support detail three: Pizzas is my number one food because of its preference.

Some pizza have a bland flavor like most fresh vegetables. Other pizza are spicy, especially the one which have older, spiced, or perhaps peppered lean meats. One kind of pizza which includes both a bland and spicy taste is the beef and plant combination. These ingredients combine to create a unique taste. 6. Support fine detail four: We can’t think about a better convenience food. If you are feeling straight down, pizza is going to lift your spirits. While you are already happy, pizza could make you more content. In my opinion, it is the perfect desserts. Also, a football video game without pizzas is a uninteresting game. An individual have a special day to eat pizzas. 8.

Realization sentence: Lastly, I aren’t imagine each day without a slice of yummy pizza. Merely Writing about it can be making me personally hungry for a few hot pizza. If I were to own a business someday it would be a french fries chain. Advanced paragraph 1 ) Introductory sentence in your essay: As I have traveled around the world, I have sampled many delicious foods. installment payments on your Main thought sentence: Of all great foods I have eaten, pizza remains to be my favorite. several. Support detail one: A single reason why I love pizza is because of the many kinds of pizza. 3 of most favorite are 3 four dairy products pizza, meat-lovers, double pepperoni, super combo-supreme, and the amaze pizza.

four. Support detail two: Another reason why I enjoy pizza is due to the ingredients. We bet you may have already guessed that I like pizza that may be packed cheese, salami, Pepperoni, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, anchovies, and tomato sauce. In fact , I love almost anything on a pizza. 5. Support detail three: Pizza is definitely my number 1 food due to the taste. Several pizzas possess a dreary taste like the majority of vegetable. Additional pizzas happen to be spicy, specifically one that possess aged, spiced, or scattered meats. One particular kind of pizza that has both a dull and hot and spicy taste in the meat and vegetable mixture.

These substances combine to make a unique flavor. 6. Support detail four: I won’t be able to think of an improved comfort meals. When you are feeling down, french fries will lift up your spirits. When you are currently happy, lasagna will make you happier. I believe, it is the perfect snack food. Likewise, a soccer game with out pizza is actually a boring video game. You don’t have to possess a special occasion to have pizza. 8. Conclusion word: Lastly, I actually can’t picture a day with no slice of tasty pizzas. Just Writing about it is making me starving for some warm pizza. Merely were to use a business someday it would be a pizza sequence.

Vocabulary Visual Organizer Word List -Definition -Picture -Non-Example -Sentence -Antonyms -Synonyms -Homophones -Homographs -Part of Presentation -Phonetic Pronunciation -Syllables -Cloze Sentence -Slang -Prefix -Suffix -Rhyme -My sentence -Book sentence -puzzle -etc. A Four Stage (IVF) Overview Paragraph Step one Write a topic sentence making use of the three part topic word method. (the burrito fold) Identify the source Select a verb Finish the idea Step 2 Copy this sentence in your essay to look like a real sentence. Repair spelling, punctuation, and capitalization error.

Step 3 Create a reality outline. -Step 4 Work with your fact outline to write the overview paragraph. (Bring down the topic sentence coming from step 2 previously mentioned as your initial sentence) Change each truth fragment in coordination 3 above into a sentence in your essay “Chameleons” a) Write your final three or five statements in this article. They can be fresh statements or perhaps review transactions. b) Get started this passage with in realization, finally, last but not least, or another term or term that advise the writing is about to end. c) Try to conclude the writing which has a clincher assertion.


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