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Film is different to theatre for many reasons, one being the simple fact that film is more practical to the attention where as theatre is more descriptive and representational. As a result of this kind of the film, The Shawshank redemption will make you more mindful of how roughly prisoners had been treated. Administrators can use actual places just like prisons, and cells to truly get the account across, while with movie theater there is just one single stage and then you’re very limited as to what you can do to generate it look like the actors are actually presently there.

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Now that I’ve watched and researched the film The Shawshank payoff I can relate the heroes and concerns to the play we are currently working on in class. The main thing that stands out in my experience is the physical barrier in both reports. The penitentiary gates happen to be what is stopping Andy and Red from freedom. They may be unable to see there family members and do the standard day to day existence things, such as taking a walk wherever that they like, keeping out until as overdue as they need, eating and sleeping at there own accord.

This can be similar to the family in our play because of the Bremen wall. Their stopping them from seeing their relatives, they are in fear of staying shot in the event they are trapped suspicious throughout the wall. That they dont take a moment because of this big block in the midst of there country. They feel trapped and incapable of going the hurdle that is preventing them by freedom, very much like Dufresne.

The prisoners in Shawshank love to have the ability to have a drink, its the main one time they feel like free of charge men. Much like the character of Franz inside our play. He is an unsatisfied man and drinking can be his method of coping with the actual of the Duessseldorf wall. At the end of our play, the youngest young man Peter in attempt to cross the wall gets found and shot. At the exact same moment he had got liberty he got shot down, and it had been all removed. This resembles the prisoners that received paroled or perhaps freed from Shawshank. As soon as they got anything that they desired, they couldnt cope and ended up committing suicide.

Inside our 15 small play we all will use a variety of lighting methods to help provide the effect of working day or nighttime, or for example setting a comfortable scene inside the living area. We will use freeze-frames and black outs on one part of the area and on the other have the current picture lit up, going back and forth to show how both families are coping on opposite factors of the Duessseldorf wall. In conclusion, what I hope to study from this task is how to improvise and how to use methods with light and level props. Within my last play I couldnt have as much lines mainly because I enjoyed a smaller position. I hope that by the end of this piece I will have more assurance in having the capacity to play more advanced and significant roles and you will be able to operate even better within a group.

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