Development of an Enterprise Resource Planning System Essay

Riordan Making Inc. is a global plastics manufacturer that was founded in 1991 and uses 550 persons. They have seeing that expanded to 3 locations inside the U. S i9000. and one in China. Due to these expansions the company is actually experiencing interaction and processing issues.

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Every single system should be connected to the others in order to enhance the tracking and productivity and communication between systems. We’ve been asked to formulate a plan to implement a system to connect all of the people and locations into one enterprise program that will provide the company usage of information coming from any area at any time. This kind of document includes our plan to achieve this target for Riordan Manufacturing Inc. Statement of Scope and Goals Riordan Manufacturing features requested that the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) be developed and found in the San Jose, California; Albany, Atlanta; Pontiac, The state of michigan; and Hangzhou, China office buildings.

The goal of this kind of ERP project is to stream line the manufacturing, circulation, and products on hand management devices across every plants and use only one system. The newly suggested system will give Riordan Production a wealth of possibility to grow it is business and sustain the shoppers that it has recently. The new system will assist the company in acquiring the goals which it has set forth with in it is missions affirmation by providing alternatives for its buyers. Each of the four Riordan Production offices is utilizing different software programs to deal with their making, distribution, and inventory. This type of environments supplies very little functionality.

The effectiveness of this is also overwhelming mainly because each grow in essence is not communicating with each other over one program. All of this causes it to be difficult to monitor accurately inventory, generate important reports, reply to the information requests from stakeholders, and to make crucial decisions. Riordan Manufacturing needs an integrated solution that will offer real-time access to data to get reporting, inventory, and syndication.

The scope of the project is as follows: * A document that identifies certain modeling of the software which the company wants to be executed across the board as well as its times for delivery and go live plan. Detailed project decide to monitor and track the progress from the implementation 5. A communication plan so that status, approaching events, breakthrough, and other general information can be shared with the project crew as well as the stakeholders. * Risk assessment to be able to identify any kind of issues that may possibly arise during the job and have a contingency plan established before these issues come up. * A user friendly end user environment will be applied. * Most modules from the ERP system will be examined prior to setup * Customers will be competed in the use of the system and all themes before rendering.

Technical and end user paperwork will be created and completed before setup. * Process and procedural documentation will be created and finalized before implementation 5. All maintenance and support responsibilities will probably be assigned to the people who will take care of after rendering We may also hold a post rendering meetings and also have evaluate the project implementation before the close with the project (Apollo Group, 2012). Support Measures for Success We expect it is important in order to success at suitable intervals. We will be using Microsoft Task as a job management device. This will give to us the ability to monitor costs, labor, time and assets to ensure that the project goes as organized and also to understand if you will discover any concerns in any of those areas.

The goal is to bring the task in on time and within budget when still appointment all of the requirements for a successful implementation. Achievement is a continuing goal as well as the focus of assess needs to be used even following your project has been completed to unsure that alternatives made through the implementation nonetheless producing income. Changes manufactured need to be manufactured during the support phase if additional features is needed. Adding more locations or applications to the system might also require altering the way of measuring standards of success. Synopsis of Task Feasibility To determine the feasibility on this project a number of factors should be considered, the first becoming the economical feasibility.

Economical feasibility takes into consideration the complete cost of rendering and maintenance of the ERP system. This asks the questions of rather there be any kind of cost savings through implementation of an ERP? May be ERP improve the revenue pertaining to Riordan? And over time, is going to investment into the ERP decrease (O’Brien & Marakas, 2009)?

In general, it should justify the overall expense of the ERP give a sufficient return of investment (ROI) back to Riordan (Motiwalla & Thompson, 2009). Next detailed feasibility is looking at rather Riordan’s system can at present handle the demands of an ERP system. Then simply if certainly not, changes will have to be made to those devices some that the implemented ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING can function successfully.

Also, it looks at the proposed ERP and alternatively it suits the business type of Riordan (O’Brien & Marakas, 2009). Finally, technical feasibility has to be looked at, to determine in the event that current technology can resolve the problems talk about by Riordan (Motiwalla & Thompson, 2009). Proposed Systems Requirements List Some of the system requirements needed to improve the functionality of Riordan’s raw material and completed product traffic monitoring process will be as follows (O’Brien & Marakas, 2009): * Unify the task at all features to track organic material getting into them.

Therefore purchasing can easily order materials in a more efficient manner. 5. Unify the process at all facilities to screen the production amounts at each plant so management and product sales can program future tactics. * Unify the process at all facilities to give real-time inventory control therefore management can easily better prepare and synchronize inventory control. Determination of Requirements The aspects which will ensure the information required for this project can be gathered effectively are: being aware of who must be involved, what questions to question, formulating a plan, and selecting the method of delivery. Every stakeholder must be identified and contacted to get needed end user requirements.

When the stakeholders have already been identified creating a list of inquiries needing to end up being answered can assist in organizing and identifying the delivery method. Stakeholders can review the concerns prior to their very own monthly stakeholder meeting. The various types of deliveries happen to be system statement, interviews, questionnaires, document review, or Joint Application Advancement (JAD) lessons. Information gathering techniques will be used to determine the users’ needs.

Based upon these needs the appropriate ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING system may be designed and implemented. The subsequent techniques will be used to gather information needed around the current process; system declaration, interviews, forms, document review, and Joint Application Development (JAD) lessons. Because much of the manufacturing, circulation, and products on hand management will be gathered through manual process, a system statement and interviews will be dealt with all at once to document the complete process and system through each location.

Observing system usage gives great insight into who is making use of the system and exactly how they are using it. System remark includes manual processes such as comparing shipping and delivery documents to scheduled instructions receiving record. Stakeholders to become contacted for requirements will probably be limited to the subsequent roles with Riordan Developing; member of buy shipping team, member of sales department, person in manufacturing crew, truck individuals, shipping area supervisor, part of receiving region team, obtaining clerk, and inventory clerk. A customer survey is a budget-friendly way of gathering additional assisting information.

This method of gathering requirements will be used for pick up truck drivers as they are on the road. The utilization of an online format for the questionnaires to become completed would be the most powerful. During the system observation, interview, and customer survey phase a listing of current documents used will be compiled. These kinds of examples will probably be reviewed for facts needed for the proposed ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING system. Prototyping Another well-liked method uses documentation but at if you are a00 and combines with a procedure for rapid design and style and screening of a working model of a simple solution.

This method is named prototyping. This process is very helpful because it enables the users and stakeholders to determine how their very own requirements will be used to produce the program process. Taking the high level requirements and turning it into a user user interface that is visual to the consumer and is a functioning prototype to view how it will flow. This permits for connection and can change some requirements into different solutions and determine which requirements will be mandatory and which ones are going to be optional.

It provides a more genuine feel so that the system process will look like and allows for visible confirmation that the is what the company is looking for (Owens, 2009). Set of Confirmed Requirements As it stands now the businesses most advanced location is the San Jose office. The ERP that may be residing in that location should be adapted through each other area.

Along with this the installation of a Voice over ip system which will allow for an even more flowing form of vocal connection between the firm and its consumers. It also allows the sales team or everyone who is outside the workplace to connect and accept telephone calls even when certainly not on web page. All of the locations should have a software upgrade through the current to Microsoft Office 2010. Gain access to points needs to be installed to ensure that each division see’s the particular information that is certainly necessary for their very own use. This kind of access should certainly only be granted through the technological IT staff after being qualified by their certain supervisor.

All the operating systems must be upgraded to Windows six because of the easy use with all of its programs. Reporting must be done either applying SQL or perhaps Microsoft Usage of allow for custom-made reporting and integration of reports designed for each office (Apollo Group, 2012).

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