Development of Stratford Because of the Olympics Essay

The 2012 Olympics were held in Stratford inside the East of London, a lot of the events took place here. The Olympic park covered a place of five-hundred acres which in turn features the brand new built Olympic stadium, the London aquatics centre, the basketball arena, the Birmingham velopark as well as the riverbank area. Boxing, secure fencing, judo, ping pong etc . was at the riv zone which can be located both sides of the River Thames in the Thames entrance area. The central region which includes locations such as the Wembley stadium (where the supreme of football competitions required place) also the Wembley Arena (Badminton) and Wimbledon (Tennis), protected most of central and West London.

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Stratford was chosen because the London, uk bid group persuaded the 10c that this part of East London was at need of regeneration. Stratford was likewise chosen as the bid likewise proved the area acquired potential, Javelin trains would take simply 7 moments from Birmingham and also the streams in the location could make the Olympic area look beautiful. Also together with the old network of riv and canals there was a lot of room for new development.

This has been one of the most small Olympic recreational areas just about 2 square kms. Stratford has become improved in a great way because in the long term massive, new sporting services have been constructed which will get new members as it is a legacy of the games. Likewise in the long term, old houses had been knocked straight down and re-built making Stratford look more contemporary and looked after. Another reason as to the reasons Stratford have been improved is due to more careers that have been created which will entice more visitors to the area and make it well known. An additional benefit and improvement would be that the Olympic playground largest Urban Park in Europe for 50 years’ will create a better image to get London and East End.

Increased engagement in sport for young people has been elevated making East London and London look like a great healthy place possibly persuading adults to live in Birmingham with their children so their children have a healthier and even more active your life. One of the advancements I have pointed out (old properties being pulled down and new types being built) has been classed as a social issue due to complaints expressing it will change the socio financial structure as well as the geography of Stratford.

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