Different variety of goals

Life Desired goals, Personal Goals, Personal Features

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A) Long Range Goals (Beyond 5 years):

1 . Operate Goals:

wish to own and run my own independent business.

Action Plan:

Long term objective is something you want to do at a later date for your betterment. And to accomplish long term target you require time and planning. Long-range goals are not something you can do this in couple of days it requires period. Long term goals usually takes a year or more than that.

So to accomplish my long-range goals first of all I will create an image of where I want to be in 10 years from now and what kind of business I will run that may secure my own future as well as in what sort of business I use interest, I then will consider in which location I need to work to achieve my goals.

After that will make note for this or note down that what should I perform or what can i do to achieve my own goals month on several weeks, So following achieiving my personal goals on month in month basis, I can take a look at my last goals and adjust all of them as much as I want.

W. ) Mid Range Desired goals ( 2 ” a few five years):

2 . Function Goals:

Develop a professional network with connections at all amounts to grow my organization.

Action plan:

To achieve long term goals, first I need to ahieve mid term goals through which I can head to my desire position.

To increase my organization, I need to reinforce my every contacts with relevant referees so that I can full complete all the need related to my personal business through my systems.

To operate a business even I will want to set aside cash to cover the price of my business and new house purchase, as appropriate.

Up coming, I will build timeline using time period and can take that into account time-based factors I cant controls, like program deadlines, necessary years requires of analyze on business for profit and damage and so on.

C. ) Short Range Goals (Within 2 Years):

Work Desired goals:

Builds my personal work experience and employability skills and allows me to balance work together with other research.

Action Plans:

Brief Range Goal is anything you want to do in near future, Short range goal is a thing you want to complete soon.

After completing my own graduation Let me work with several types of industries to gain experience of diverse field.

If I wish to run or own organization in future i then need to learn how that business is going to function or which in turn business is somewhat more benefitable and then for that I require experience coming from different discipline or different jobs to ensure that I can expand my employability skills intended for my business in future.

Other than getting experience coming from different from intended for better encounter, I would like to achieve some more know-how on managing of organization, hence Let me working with a lot of industry I will do some extra cources which could improve my personal management expertise.

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