Disaster in franklin county explain the role

Disaster Management, Bioterrorism, Injury, Incident Command System

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Tragedy in Franklin County

Describe the position of the main public health employees, including the public health nurse, mixed up in disaster.

There are plenty of expectations from the public health employees in such a circumstance. The major one is to take care of the security of the affected right on the spot. In addition , the overall welfare with the whole culture is also a role that the staff have to perform immediately. Moreover, it is very important that the personnel also give attention to any long term issues that may possibly arise in relation to the tragedy. In this instance, the nurse is also part of this kind of team and, therefore , is usually expected to conduct all these obligations (Olson ainsi que al. 2010). In this particular disaster, the concerns that required urgent attention had been the well being of the people. These include foodstuff and water, which are necessary for the endurance of the casualties. Power is additionally important as it will take care of the septic system and the obole of healthy food. The function of the health professional is to look after the immediate casualties. In addition , the personnel should be part of virtually any taskforce to help in maintaining the situation and keeping away from future conditions similar to this a single (Olson ainsi que al. 2010).

Describe the chain of command that was used inside the simulation for the community health nurse.

Prior to the disaster, presently there had been a request for people Health Movie director. Public health personnel could be of no help to the community if they are not well conversant while using issues available. Therefore , it absolutely was truly beneficial to the culture that they acquired undergone through NIMS teaching (Olson ain al. 2010). In this case, this stands for the National Event Management System, which usually helps a lot in the management of these kinds of disasters. Using this knowledge present, it was easy to create a command program that was suitable for the job. Therefore , there is the selection of several section chiefs to supervise the whole process. Under these heads, a command personnel would manage the issues in the grass. Since all of the members which were taking part in the procedure had this kind of specialized teaching, it was possible for instructions to flow quickly, which enhanced efficiency in the overall method (Olson et al. 2010).

Discuss the resources available to the community health registered nurse to deal with conditions outside the nurse’s scope of practice.

The scope of the community well being nurse should be to deal with instant injuries that occur in a situation. However , many cases are extremely intricate and require that the health professional has some specialised resources to deal with the circumstances. The situation that occurs may search for the attention in the nurses irrespective of whether that is part of their scope. In some cases, it is the change in the case that may transform and, therefore , require which the nurses offer more than they need to in the first place. In such a situation, the nurse is provided with some extra solutions. This includes the time to change a fully-fledged medical center to a little treatment middle only for these kinds of immediate unfortunate occurances (Couig Rick 2011)

. Explain actions taken by the community well being nurse when encountered with possible urgent situations throughout the door-to-door selection interviews.

During the course of all their interviews, the nurses encountered different scenarios that needed some particular attention. Considering that the emergencies are different in characteristics, the rns have to be prepared at all times on whichever may possibly occur and how to handle these people. Considering that the nurses have the knowledge on all these situations, then the most vital thing is always to have the solutions. Therefore , a number of the actions, which the community wellness nurse undertook on an immediate basis, are the administering of first aid in all situations that required this kind of action. Another urgent action is the verification of the interviewees

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