Discuss the application of dramatic irony essay

Discuss The application of Dramatic Irony Throughout The Play And How Priestley Uses This To Convey His Message Affectively To The Market.  I am going to be discussing Priestleys use of dramatic irony and how it has helped him to achieve his goal. M B Priestleys goal was to tell us we are all part of one body system, this in the play is referred to as the social message. At the outset of the perform the family members are taking pleasure in Sheila and Geralds engagement, at the time the atmosphere was joyful. The Birlings and Gerald croft are in the upper class. Priestley made the atmosphere just like a warm welcoming family.

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The play is all about a family that contribute to the fatality of a young woman who commits suicide. Priestleys main aim should be to tell us we are all part of one body. Therefore we should care for each other the way in which that you would like to become treated. Priestley brings out his point by utilizing dramatic irony. Dramatic irony is when the audience find out more than any most of the heroes on stage.

Dramatic irony is used well with all the current characters, the reason why to this is that the audience will be watching the play years after it truly is set (1912) this means that the group already know what had actually happened. First of all there is mister Birling this individual makes a number of references to unemployment we. e., there’s a lot of wild talk about possible time trouble down the road, MR Birling says they have passed the worst of all the trouble but the audience understands there was labour unrest and also worse in the 1920s. Mister Birling also states The Titanic sails next week, fourty six 1000 eight hundred or so tons, Ny in five days every luxurious and unsinkable, we know that the titanic sank in 1912 which makes the group judge Mister Birling very early in the play.

We all also find out that the friends and family are not close we know this because they help keep secrets by each other my spouse and i. e. Joshua was having and Sheila never informed her mother or father, if the topic of Eric is definitely raised and Mrs Birling found out her son beverages she never wanted to listen to a word about it. Eric doesnt tell his family regarding Eva smiths baby or about the money he stole until the inspector forced him to. Mister Birling is incredibly concerned that there is no scandal going on otherwise his likelihood of having a knighthood would enormously decrease.

Mr Birling simply cares about him self and his friends and family. He will not care about the individuals around him. This provides me upon my up coming point, In the event Sheila hadnt gone to the manager of milwards and also Eva jones sacked then the whole chaos wouldnt possess started. But Eric got Eva Cruz pregnant, which meant that he had to today support her. Eric Stole money by Mr Birlings office and gave that so she had enough money to see her through. When Avoi smith found that she had been taking stolen funds she refused to take anymore of it. Therefore she after that went to Mrs Birlings panel but Mrs Birling Refused to support her because the lady had been lying about her identification.

Mr Birling is a very self-centered man he only considers himself wonderful family. Mister Birling attempts to hide the truth but every is exposed by the inspector, as he is aware of all. When the inspector Concerns the Birling household mr Birling tries to assert his authority above the inspector. We know that he will drop. The older generation (Mr and Mrs Birling) fail to spot the power of the inspector at the. g. Mrs Birling tries to withhold info because shes not present at other interviews. This makes us feel that Mrs Birling and her family will not share data.

Mr Birling shares information about his likely knighthood. Since the perform goes on it looks more like there is no probability of a knighthood. As we pull closer to the finish of the enjoy we believe that they may not get away with this kind of. We know that they will not get away with this since Eva offers committed committing suicide.  In summary I think that Priestley has used dramatic paradox very well. I think that the entire Birling household is to to take responsiblity for Evas death. I also think that when employing dramatic irony it helps each of our understanding of the social message we are all part of one body means that we ought to look after each other the way we wish to be looked after. As a result of what happened to the Birlings and Eva this makes us see what Priestley is intending to get at. I believe that the cultural message backlinks to remarkable irony since it helps each of our understanding and helps us to have a clearer watch of what happened.

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