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The two stimulis for my personal coursework were a perform, Hobsons Choice by Harold Brighouse and a tune, For What its Worth by Stephen Stills. Some heroes in both equally texts are similar, such as Maggie in Hobsons Choice is protesting against her father as well as the children in the song happen to be protesting up against the war. The theme duty is similar in both text messages. The setting is different, Hobsons Choice is occur 1880s Salford when income were low, but the placing in the track is the 1660s Vietnamese warfare. The theme of duty could possibly be used in our performance as it was in both texts. The theme of family members in Hobsons Choice could possibly be used to impact us.

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The similarity of protesting could be used in my role?nternet site could protest for the innocence of my friend. As the characters in the track protest against the government, we’re able to protest outlawed. Unlike the song, Hobsons Choice has got the theme of the break of family, we could use this inside our performance. The contexts of both texts are very distinct. Hobsons Choice was written in 1880s when Salford was poor, therefore we’re able to have a bad family in our performance. The song was written inside the time of the Vietnamese was when the 1660s Americans appreciated freedom. We’re able to use this, but they have the freedom removed. The work ethic of the personality Mr Hobson was totally different from the work ethic of 1660, as they had none. We could use this in our performance as the judge could have a solid work ethic and the criminal not one.

The line guy come and take you away from the song could influence us while this could be time when the legal is imprisoned. In the track, the person has been taken away coming from his relatives to combat. We could utilize this as the criminal could possibly be taken to jail. The character Margaret and Mr Hobson in Hobsons Choice are different character, we could use this in our performance because the assess and the criminal are contrasts.

The theme of duty is very important in both equally texts. In Hobsons Decision one of the main personas, Maggie truly does her responsibility, as she does not want to take care of her father although does. In the song, the soldier does his work by fighting for his country although he would not want to. In our overall performance, the assess could carry out her work, by trying to decide if she should do her duty and let the defendant proceed. The mother could be undertaking her duty as a father or mother by helping her kid.

In our efficiency, we hope to communicate for the audience that you character struggling to do her duty can have an influence on so many people. To show this kind of we could include monologues for each and every character to demonstrate their thoughts and feelings. In my position, I could have got a reddish colored spotlight and me being placed in the floor to show stress from the character. We’re able to use a observe called Raiders of the Misplaced Ark when the criminal can be stealing. We plan to work with facial expressions and within tones of voice to communicate the idea of struggle to perform duty. We’re able to have a thought field where all the judges thoughts are read. The theme of duty via both text messaging influenced the performance.

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