Drugs and alcohol abuse have grown to be a major

problem, from coast to coast. Not only in the bigger

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citites, but the smaller, rural towns as well. I know this

as a truth, for I live in a tiny town. I’ve experienced

something that has entirely changed my entire life. It may

not be the most touching or perhaps heart-warming account, but

that’s not what is important.

What matters is the fact that it

has helped me to make the total decision of never

getting involved in the consumption of drugs and liquor.

About two years ago, My spouse and i met this girl named *Lisa.

She was the most beautiful woman Id ever seen. The girl was

sweet too. I believe what I most admired about her was your

way the girl carried herself. She was extremely out bound

and I cant think of one person that disliked her.


was sympathetic of these who were injuring and the lady

always acquired something fantastic to say to everyone the girl

met. We became close friends. We went everywhere with each other

and that made me experience happy and energetic only to be with

her. Everything was perfect, right up until that summertime.

We did start to drift a part, because after all, the

subsequent year shed be in highschool. She did start to

hang out with older children with who I had simply no relations.

Instead of going to the videos, she went to parties. The girl

hardly, if ever, returned my calls. The moment she do, there

often seemed to be boys there. Every single once in a while

get married hang out, but also for my age, I was constrained from most

the exciting issues she have got to do.

Then, one nighttime I had my friend drop me off at her

residence for one hour just to check out. She had just obtained back

by some and last and last rave through the night before.


viewed totally erased. Her curly hair was all scraggily, and

there were darker circles underneath her eye. Worst of all

though, the girl was irritated. She might have still been

high, or she would have just been tired but the things the lady

said will ring within my ears forever.

I remember her telling me personally that I was fat and ugly

and that she resented me. She wanted me to go home, but My spouse and i

stayed mainly because no one was there to manage her.


washed her up, and even ensured she couldnt fall in the

shower. I then dressed her and tucked her safely and securely into her

bed. The entire time your woman yelled profanities in my face. I

offered her an advil, and she quickly fell in bed. I seated

down next to her on her behalf bed, and waited for my mom to

pick me personally up.

After i got home, I thought allot about what had

took place.

In those days, I didnt realize that your woman was

affiliated with drugs. I believed she acquired just treated me

that way for zero apparent purpose. I couldnt understand

why her frame of mind had changed so quickly. She acquired

really harm me, and I didnt know why so this only made it

that much more painful.

After the incident at her house, I did so my best to

avoid every contact with *Lisa. When I would see her, we

scarcely exchanged words.

I guess the real cause was

mainly because at that time, We still believed as though your woman should

pardon for what your woman said to myself that night by her home.

As I at this point know, she didnt also remember that night.

When school started all of us stopped speaking altogether.

That wasnt a few months into the college year i heard shed

been imprisoned for weed and then afterwards sent to a rehab for proper use

of crack. I thought shed never come back, and I cried

for several weeks. She was there to get 6 months.

This is the 1st

time that I was even told that she do drugs. It hit me personally

hard as well. I couldnt understand why such a

beautiful person would set such terrible things inside

their body system.

We after became close friends again, although I required myself

to keep distant. The girl had not just hurt himself, but

numerous others as well, which include me. Nevertheless I travelled

through soreness and enduring on the way, I truly learned a

valuable lessons.

I had fashioned a great good friend, but because of

drugs, Ive lost this kind of friend for a lifetime. Ive lost the true *Lisa.

Thats how come Ill hardly ever, ever carry out drugs or alcohol.

*names have been completely changed.

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