Effects of a info classification standard essay


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Like a mid-level monetary investment and consulting firm, we are governed by laws to protect personal data of our customers. To lessen risks and threats the business needs to develop an IT Security Plan Framework which has four key components: Plan, Standard, Techniques and Guidelines1. This statement focuses on the standard by responding to the three THIS infrastructure websites that are afflicted with the Internal Use Only data classification standard of Richman Opportunities, where the communication of data would not leave the companies intranet2 and how each of the subsequent IT Infrastructure domains: Consumer, Workstation and LAN are influenced by the standard.

User domain is considered the weakest link within an IT system as personnel can be enthusiastic to disobey company guidelines. Areas of matter that can have an effect on keeping info private, is definitely: Lack of consumer awareness, because some users do not pay attention to what info is considered personal and are not able to secure info properly; Secureness policy violations, where a few users still leave private data in the open exactly where others is able to see it; Negative employee purposely takes personal data to cause some type of damage between the company as well as the customer; and Employee blackmail or extortion by intimidating to deliver or sell off the personal data in planning to obtain a promo or economic gain3.

Workstation domain consist of work stations (any computer that a user can get connected to the companies THIS infrastructure) to reach personal data using multiple resources4.

The areas affected by workstations, consist of: Illegal access because an employee did not lock their particular workstation, would not log off, or perhaps their end user ID and password were compromised; A virus, malicious code or perhaps malware contaminated the workstation from a user downloading non-business material on the internet; and a user violated the Acceptable End user Policy (AUP) by miss-using their approved access to get personal data5. LAN domain is in which any electronic device connects to one another using the industry’s intranet (LAN Network), wherever resources may be shared6. The affects due to connecting towards the LAN, incorporate: Unauthorized gain access to toLAN by not obtaining computer rooms, data centers and wiring closets exactly where someone can acquire access to you can actually core systems and get personal data; Rogue users scanning to get WLAN SSID broadcast allowing them to crack log in information to reach the company systems; and Sending personal info via WIRELESS LOCAL AREA NETWORK connections can be compromised by someone coming from outside the organization intercepting the transmission7.

Ruled by laws and regulations to protect client’s personal data, the company must have a strong protection standard included in the IT Reliability Policy Platform. Focusing on the data classification regular “Internal Make use of Only, the organization needs to cover any influences caused in the User, Workstation and LOCAL AREA NETWORK domains to stop personal data loss or corruption. One way is to make sure that staff have fixed and are following companies AUP, along with making sure the businesses Intranet is safe from outdoors attacks. Bibliography

Kim, David and Eileen G. Solomon. “Fundamentals details Systems Secureness. , 15-42. Sunbury, MA: jones and Bartlett Learning, 2012.


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