Egyptian container chapter you introduces the main

Excerpt from Book Report:

Egyptian Box

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Chapter 1 introduces the primary character, Tee Woodie, a girl who has just relocated to a Southwestern town coming from her house in Maine after her parents handed down an antique store from her late-Uncle Sebastian. She is observing a movie with regards to a Princess called Maryam who will be in love with a “djinn” or genie, and she clearly imagines becoming in this film. When it ends, she reluctantly goes outdoors, but incurs a door on the way out and declines face upon the floor. Because she waits outside on her behalf father to pick her up, the narrator reveals that she is miserable in this town and with her parent’s deciding to move there. Via her point-of-view, all the collectibles in the store are junk, and she is happy not to manage it whatsoever.

Figurative Terminology: Tee can be watching film production company screen “in a trance, ” ingesting popcorn that she “fumbled into her mouth” (p. 1). When the film finished “the music swelled about her” and she was standing up “with a Little princess Maryam film of her bushy ponytail” then “moved up the section with Maryam’s gliding, elegant walk toward the real world” (p. 2). She tripped over the carpeting on her way out and “her face burnt scarlet with embarrassment” then simply as she went outside the house “the over-blast of heat remaining Tee breathless” (p. 4).

Inference: Presented her very clear dislike with this new community, Tee might very well make an effort to escape somehow, as she is already trying to do through movies, catalogs and Digital video disks. She seems very depressed and isolated, with no actual friends, and it is also uncomfortable at her own clumsiness and awkwardness. Tee also has a strong imagination and fantasy life, and the inference can be that this may well lead her into some type of adventure.

Text message Connection: With this opening part, the main connection I have is to use Tee, certainly not in the sense which i like her very much. Actually I don’t believe I enjoyed her all that much initially, even though I undoubtedly could understand why she was unhappy from this situation. We wondered which kind of major celebration was going to eventually her in the near future.

Conflict: Initially, Tee’s significant conflict appears to be with her parents and her unhappiness with their decision to move to the new community. She does not like it or their start up business in the junk shop, and would naturally prefer to be somewhere else. Certainly, Tee generally seems to resent her parents and imagine that that they care even more about a store and other business problems instead of her.


Synopsis: Tee searching for through her great-uncle’s ebooks when the Shabti comes into the space. By now, they have taken over her life, and Tee is definitely worried which it can even examine her thoughts, and nor her father and mother nor her brother ever before seem which the animal is not really her. She is aiming to come up with a plan to get rid of that and somehow sent it in return to Little princess Tiye, nevertheless she will require Charles’s help. At the end with the chapter, this individual also comes to believe that the Shabti is simply not his sis.

Figurative Dialect: Tee continues to be “pretending using a capital L. To everybody for weeks” that the Shabti is her (p. 165). It started out referring to her parents instead of “servants, ” and the girl “rubbed her eyes to pay her blink of surprise” (p. 166). Her program was “still full of holes” and she also “made a face” at the thought of needing to ask Charles for help (p. 167).

Inference: Charles is going to support his sis find a way to get rid of the Shabti. They do not get along well and he did not believe her when your woman said this kind of creature was real, till he observed it to get himself if they went exterior to the institution bus. Charles is more ingenious and creative than First tee, and his plan will probably be high quality.

Text Connection: In this section, I began to feel more sympathy pertaining to Tee. I am aware that she is in real trouble at this time and that it was no longer a game title. This Shabti is going to dominate her lifestyle and be free from or her unless the lady and Charles figure out how to give it back to Egypt.

Conflict: At this point, Tee’s main issue is no longer with her close friend and parents. She actually is starting to obtain very concerned about the power of the Shabti since it takes over her life entirely. This monster is bad, and also extremely cunning and subtle for the reason that it tempted her into a trap by causing it all look like fun.


Summary: Tee and Charles continue working on a plan to send the Shabti back to Egypt, and she proceeds looking through all of her great uncle’s books. Even so, she continue to does not know where Queen Tiye’s tomb is. Now, the Shabti is starting to feel food cravings and being thirsty just like a man, and at the final of the part it determines to imprison her inside the Egyptian field.

Figurative Dialect: Charles can be working on a plan, and Tee “itched to know” what his suggestions were (p. 173). She saw that the Shabti’s “dark eyes glittered” now as it touched her and put her in the Silk box (p. 178). Her “mouth opened in surprise” when your woman finally realized that it had built her a prisoner.

Inference: Tee’s life is probably at risk at this point. This kind of Shabti provides turned out to be some sort of vampire or perhaps body snatcher and was just waiting for a chance to consider her place. Indeed, this kind of creature offers turned out to be wicked and sneaky, and First tee now realizes that none of them of it was ever a tale or a video game.

Text Connection: I was considering what will happen to Tee and exactly how she will get away from this coffin. She has carried out a very foolish thing in dealing with this Shabti like it was a toy or a pet, now it intends to get rid of her. She should certainly have noted better, nevertheless know it is too late.

Issue: By now, the most crucial conflict First tee has is to use the Shabti. This makes her earlier issues with Charles and her parents look like a small trouble, because her life is at risk now, and possibly her heart. Perhaps she is going to be damaged or simply stored in a package as a hostage for a few 1, 000 years.


Summary: Chapter twenty is the climax of the account and the quality of Tee’s problem, due to help of her brother Charles. Both of them are incredibly frightened right now, since the Shabti is becoming very powerful with no longer provides any ought to hide the true nature. They can barely believe this is certainly even taking place, but Charles finally discovered a way to reverse the cause and keep the demon in its box. He has to deface and damage some of the hieroglyphics on the Egyptian box, and then the Shabti will be locked up thee once again. Once it had been done, they mail it in return to Egypt.

Figurative Vocabulary: Tee understands that “not even the most detrimental nightmare” in her lifestyle had been this frightening (p. 179). Charles is terrified too, given that he knows the real mother nature of the Shabti, and he “felt the hairs on his arms and the ones on the back of his neck shiver up” (p. 180). This awful situation had become so amazing that “he wondered whether he ought to pinch himself” (p. 182).

Inference: First tee has finally met a djinn or demon like she observed in the movies in Chapter one particular, but it is definitely

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