Electronic Health Record Essay

An Electronic Wellness Record (EHR) is a system of records which can be electronically maintained, providing longitudinal information in the patient’s health. The information is generated during a number of encounters together with the patient. Information could be recorded and stored under several portions including demographics, encounters, interventions, treatments, immunizations, prescriptions, laboratory and imaging data, etc . The EHR is not only a saving system, nevertheless also helps in scientific decision-making.

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It has many features designed such as offering reminders, precautionary measures that must be taken, alerts, evidence-based information, advice when improving diagnosis and the quality of treatment provided. An EHR system can function within a single department in the enterprise, inside the entire enterprise, or even between several enterprises within a country or region. EHR’s can be personalized depending on the type of department requiring them and the purpose due to the use (NIH NICRR, 2006 & Gurley, 2004).

Features of the EHR system: – Sufferer information could be stored longer periods and would take up lesser space Sufferer information can be accessed by any reason for the hospital and also from one medical center to another, in the event that needed Patient information can be secured and privacy can be preserved (as a certain user would be accessing the program with a username/password, and would get information no more than his/her patient) Information can be current from the user points Several features just like alerts, simple guidelines, etc, which are very useful towards the user can be enabled in an EHR system Pre-installed intelligence from the EHR gives several benefits towards the physicians such as providing evidence-based information, potential drug reactions, etc The quality of proper care can be increased The requirements and standards set simply by accreditation agencies, legislations and insurance companies can be more easily fulfilled using a great EHR program Potential life-threatening situations and hazardous medicine reactions may be better avoided and maintained using a great EHR program The individual workflow could be effectively been able if an EHR system is present Conversation between a lot of structures in the healthcare business can be superior (faster and even more effective) Depending on the demands of the medical center, a custom-made EHR can be enabled Risk assessment, management processes and problem identification could be better allowed using an EHR program (NIH NICRR, 2006 & Gurley, 2004). Disadvantages in the EHR program: – Initiating and maintaining an EHR system may be very high priced for the corporation (however, the improvements in quality should be considered) Training health care professionals in EHR employ may be tough (as it takes some quantity of technological knowledge) Getting skilled with the EHR system requires a sharp learning curve The EHR systems integrated from one medical center may be totally different from another, which might hamper the flow info Lacks standard structures and limite (effective adjoining links have to be considered) Staff members might find it difficult to take on to the scientific changes created through incorporation of an EHR system Slow systems may impact the workflow Risk of the system being hacked and info misused (certain standards must be compiled with and protocols need to be followed) (NIH NICRR, 2006 & Gurley, 2004).

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