Emergency response part and parcel dissertation

Incident Command word System, Unexpected emergency Management, Hurricane Katrina, Drinking water Shortage

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Excerpt from Dissertation:

10). They also present resources and supplies to the people working with the department of health. The liaison officer must ensure that agency policies, procedures and sovereignty will be respected simply by all involved in the relief work.

The public overall health nurse can be expected to liaise with the public who are injured or traumatized by the events related to the catastrophe. The registered nurse is also likely to help provide for those in need of regular or perhaps immediate medicines or shots. Those in a state of fragile overall health need particular guidance once their support systems will be compromised by the disaster.

The chain of command involved in the simulation included Chris Newhouse as the EOC Commander, who countless five people in the positions of Safety Officer, Liaison Officer, Public Information Officer, Legal Officer, and EOC Coordinator. Directly subordinate to these positions were the Operations, Primary, Logistics Main, Financial/Admin Main, and Planning/Intelligence Chief. These positions happen to be supported by five Branch Company directors, including Community Service, Medical/Health, Fire, Open public Works, and Law Enforcement. A final element in the chain of command was the Public Health Group.

In a devastation situation, the community health nurse is often needed to deal with situations outside his / her direct opportunity of practice. Such circumstances include potential health hazards as a result of contaminated meals or water, in turn caused by a lack of electric power supply to homes. Furthermore, many people may include small children and infants with requirements such as diapers, formula dairy, and bottled baby food. These types of supplies could be offered by the logistics chief, while the general public communications expert can provide info regarding contaminated food or water products.

The community health nurse might need to deal with urgent situations including people influenced by particular prescription drugs such as insulin shots pertaining to diabetes. The lady might also have to offer assistance or tips regarding the overall health of children, babies, or old people who are in a fragile express of well being. Finally, for those who are in a state of shock or trauma, the nurse will need to offer reassurance and cement advice regarding further activities.

Actions taken to help interviewees cope with the situations following flooding included offering handouts to determine if defrosting food or drinking water supplies happen to be contaminated, as well as offering the option of shelter while cleanup and mitigation efforts had been in progress.

According to Forces (n. g., p. 9), nurses in many cases are required to not simply cope with the emotional results of others throughout a disaster, yet also with their particular response to upsetting situations. Therefore, nurses in that situation ought to first make certain that their own mental resiliency is definitely intact. When dealing with the fears of those being evaluated, a doctor can then become reassuring agent, providing very clear evidence of organizations working to bring back lost solutions and power as quickly as possible. Effective assurance was offered by permitting interviewees understand how long that they could expect to be devoid of power and resources accessible to help manage food and water disadvantages.

When confronted with a larger damaged area after a natural tragedy, preparedness may be ensured by using the smaller-scale disaster as a information for long term, larger level action. Files such as these by Lister (2005) could also be used for teaching purposes, giving critical considering opportunities for what actions could be improved in future, similar conditions.


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