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I can help keep kids safe during work, actions, play.

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Need to respond to mishaps and report to the equiped first guider. I as well encourage positive behaviour. *Contribute to Great Relationships I have to praise and encourage the kids, make sure they will know the university and class room rules and deal with any kind of bad behavior fairly. I must make sure my own behaviour is appropriate and sincere at all times. *Provide Effective Support for your Co-workers I need to give consistent and effective support at all times with my co-workers. I must regularly develop my skills and knowledge with ongoing schooling and responses to be able to gain myself and colleagues. *Support Literacy and Numeracy Actions I talk to the teacher before the start of the lesson to learn what support I will be instructed to give and also to which children/group.

What the activities will be and what assets are required. To make sure I have the proper workbooks with me. At the end with the lesson I will give reviews to the tutor on how the youngsters found the task and to determine any complications such as a child needing extra help to complete the work. *Support the Use of Information and Communication Technology for Teaching and Learning My spouse and i make sure the I-pads are in their classroom for the game, I help them to use the resources safely and successfully.

When the I-pads happen to be finished with I return them to the charging unit put them on charge therefore they are ready to be used for the next lesson. *Observe and Record on Student Performance I listen to viewers on a someone to one basis and if Personally i think a pupil is battling I survey this for the teacher we discuss what level the reading publication is and maybe changing the amount to a more manageable one particular for the pupil. *Provide Displays The pupils drew, coloured and cut out photographs of roman soldiers, My spouse and i and a colleague caught up the individual troops on to a roll of coloured paper then stuck those to on to the bottom level of the wall membrane in the corridor outside the class room so it looks like soldiers walking in line into the classroom. This is a very good learning resource since it reinforces’ the particular pupils have learnt in topic.

In the event that any of the displays have been destroyed I would remove and replace these as to keep the screen boards clean and up currently. *Invigilate Test and Examination I had been asked to sit having a pupil who was required to require a maths test out on their own. We made sure I was very clear in what was necessary of myself as the test had extremely strict guidelines on the things i could declare when I was reading the questions and I clarified having a colleague upon what help I was allowed to give.

I also ensured I had all of the resources necessary before I actually began test. *Support Learners Learning Activities For Examine Write and Inc We speak with my own colleague regarding the group I’m working with as to which book we are on, just how much support every single pupil demands and if I can extend the work if this is needed. At the end of each and every lesson I actually give feedback to the tutor of any problems I or a student had and exactly how I sensed I addressed the lessons, I would request if there were anything I possibly could improve on or perhaps do in another way for the next lessons. *Promote Confident Behaviour We speak with my own colleague ahead of the lesson is a result of start and go through my own planning linen to check all of the resources are available, I would as well ask which in turn group I possess and what level of support to give.

At the conclusion of the lessons I will give feedback about how the group/pupil worked therefore the teacher can make sure the individuals are operating at their correct levels. *Prepare and Maintain the Learning Environment As soon as We arrive at school I inquire the co-workers what jobs need to be performed i. e., photo duplicating work sheets, work catalogs out, if it’s art I would find the paint planting pots, brushes, paint shirts, chemicals and paper out prepared to use. *Promote the Copy of Learning from Outdoor Experience On a latest school trip we went to a museum where i was able to carry out activities about the Romans, this supports the topic that this pupils had been doing in the class room. From this trip the pupils could write accounts of what it would have recently been like to outfit and drive like Both roman soldiers because they had skilled this around the school trip.

The students are able to reflect on what was noticed on the trip and publish very detailed accounts. During my job as a support helper I are expected to follow the school code of practice. It is extremely critical that I stick to these guidelines as personnel must identify the importance of their role in creating a confident atmosphere of care and respect individuals. http://www.st-helenascofe.lincs.sch.uk/info/policies/Anti%20Bullying.pdf. When a pupil studies an event of lovato to me I would personally report the incident to the pupil’s school teacher just as accordance with all the schools anti bullying coverage.

By tough by the Health and Safety coverage I i am ensuring that I keep colleagues and learners safe rather than putting anyone in a situation wherever an accident could happen. I must make certain I was always mindful of any improvements to the educational institutions policy and so i am capable of being effective inside my function. I need to obtain regular responses from my personal colleagues concerning my own efficiency, by doing this I can see exactly where improvement is required and if a unique approach could have been more beneficial.

This ensures the pupils are regularly getting the ideal support offered.

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